Good morning all and hope you are looking forward to the soccer this evening. I’m rooting for England myself, my country of adaption at least for now.

Yesterday we had Rayne’s birthday as well so there has been no shortage of activity and fun, thank God and everyone for a great night!

And yet all these events fade into nothingness in comparison to the celebrations in heaven at each mass.

Yesterday, as is quite usual for me, I was taken up in Spirit during the entire mass. What this means is that while I’m sitting on my seat I’m also spiritually somewhere else, not just watching, I’m actually there.

I was with the angels and although I was physically sitting at the back of the church, I was now with them and I was kneeling with them right in front of God.

Aware that I wasn’t an angel they were helping me much like a mother or father would help a child and tell them how to behave. The first time this happened to me many years ago I was scared but now it’s the opposite, I’ve become great friends with the angels and they often like to joke with me.

Angels have a phenomenal amount of energy. They are full of love and are always positive. They are phenomenally intelligent and also extremely powerful and yet they behave with such humility and dignity because they know that it’s all from the goodness of God.

The mass continued in the physical realm and at the moment of communion everything changed. During these experiences one experiences in their soul their profound unworthiness and lack of holiness to receive Jesus and yet Jesus invites us to come as we are.

Now I’ll add a word of caution here. Before mass I made a good examination of conscience and I went to confession and even after this I could still feel the faults and areas of holiness in my soul. This is when Jesus says “come as you are” because I could have done no more but both Jesus and the angels get very upset when people receive communion without doing their best first to cleanse their souls.

It’d be like going to a party and despite not having a suit, someone didn’t even bother to wash! Jesus appreciates very much our little efforts and he makes up for the rest. He also likes us to make full and regular use of the sacrament of confession.

So going back to my experience, after communion everything changed. Up to that point the angels’ attention was on Jesus and not on me but as soon as I received Jesus, their focus shifted to me.

At the start I felt uncomfortable because it almost felt like they were worshipping me and I felt like saying “why are you guys looking at me like that…I’m not God”.

But no sooner had that thought hit me did I realise that they were not so much looking at me, they were kneeling and looking at Jesus who was in me because I had just received communion!

I became aware that I was like a living monstrance at that moment and that the angels were in awe at the love and majesty of God who had just given Himself to me in communion.

I was also reminded at that moment that no angel can ever receive the body of Jesus and even though we are fragile human beings, God has elevated us higher than the angels and this to be honest is mind boggling!

If we were in the physical realm we’d hear people shouting “that’s not fair, we’re smarter than them…” but there is none of that with God’s angels because they are not capable of jealousy (that’s the devils department!!)

Anyway, all of that to say that the angels can help us and teach us a lot about how to pray, how to receive Jesus and how to appreciate Him.

You may not see or experience them as I do which is why I’m being asked to write about my experiences at the cost of some people thinking that I’m nuts but you can still pray to them and ask them to help you.

More than anything Jesus wants us to understand who we are in His eyes and for us to come to love and appreciate Him with our hearts. He desires to make us all saints and pour out His love on us and for this He needs our cooperation and surrender.

One day we will die and we must ask ourselves that simple question….will there be a party in heaven for me tonight or will I hear those words “get away from me, I do not know you”?

Invest time in getting to know Jesus while you can, pray and go to confession regularly, forgive and put right many situations and relationships as you can and most of all get to know and really enjoy being a catholic because I’ve yet to meet a human being that is as happy and fulfilled as the angels.

Have a great day and may the angels help the English soccer players to win tonight!!