Good Monday morning and I hope that you are well, especially if you are Italian!!

Yesterday I wrote about an angelic experience that I had at mass on Saturday. I had another one yesterday which I’m going to write about now.

I was serving mass so it wasn’t as intense. This time I wasn’t ‘taken up’ in spirit but rather they manifested themselves in front of me in the physical realm.

Mass had just begun and a whole load of angels whom I understood to be the guardian angels of the people gathered around me and showed me images of very poor people dressed in rags.

My first impression was to think that these were souls in purgatory but yet something told me that they weren’t!

The angels showed me that the vision represented the people and how many people attend mass unprepared which saddens the angels.

They proceeded to tell me that there are two very important things to do when we attend mass. Firstly to prepare ourselves, do an examination of conscience and ask God to forgive us for our faults etc. And secondly to come to mass with an intention.

The first is well known but not the second. When we go shopping we have an intention! When we go to the hairdressers we have an intention….avf and so when we go to mass we must have an intention!

Why? The mystery of both faith and free will.

Not having an intention is like saying “God I’m here but there is nothing happening in my life that you could help me with”.

It’s an act of unbelief and it blocks Jesus from acting in our lives they way He’d like!

Mass you see is infinitely powerful and is like high voltage electricity!

But just as electricity cannot pass through plastic, nor can God’s grace pass through unbelieving hearts!

Yes, we can block God and we can block the power of the mass from acting in our lives and make it seem useless.

And so you see the angels are there to unblock us and to help us “plug in” to the power of the mass and to teach us how to get the maximum out of the mass.

In other words, to help us to bring the high voltage loving electricity of the heavenly realm to earth.

The angels never judge us and while they might be sad at times, it’s a sadness because they love us and they want to see us freer, happier and more in touch with God.

That is why they show people like me things so that I may share and teach others and so others can be set free and participate more fully in the mass.

Anyway as the vision continued yesterday I began to pray on behalf of the people, asking God to bless their families and lives and bit by bit the angels began to smile as my intercessory prayer had somehow given them something to do and permission to bless the people.

On a funny note with all this going on I had forgotten to sit down and so when Fr. Keith whispered across to me “you can sit down now” I smiled interiorly and though “if only you knew”!

So there you have it for today! The angels are there to help us and guide us and want us to know what’s going on at the mass and to participate with faith, humility and intention.

Let us pray today for more faith, more understanding and more love so that we may be like high voltage electricity pylons bringing the maximum amount of love from heaven to earth.

Have a super day!