Hello all from the bus where we’re on our way back to London!

Recently thanks to my friend Eddie I’ve been reading the life story of Vassulsla Rydén and I’ve discovered shocking similarities with my own life! She too began seeing spirits and hearing Jesus speaking to her many years ago and while she was considered to be a mad woman and condemned by the Vatican at the start, now she’s given the green light and speaks to the world about her experiences and messages from Jesus…..so there is hope for me yet then that instead of being chased by the police that I’d be invited by the priests!!

The catchy title of her book is called “Heaven is real but so is hell” and I couldn’t resist putting it out on the table in front of me on the bus for my neighbour to get a good look.

Aren’t you glad now that you are not sitting beside me 🤣🤣

Eddie explained to me that Vassula’s mission from Jesus was to unite the orthodox and catholic churches. For those who don’t know we have certain theological differences and as a result Easter is celebrated at a different time in the two churches.

Jesus hates division. It weakens the body, causes terrible rows and arguments and hurts him greatly.

As you know Jesus has given me a different mission where there is also enormous division, being LGBTQ and being catholic

Jesus desires everyone to come to know Him personally and to become a part of His church but in order for this to happen both sides must bend to bridge the gap.

The bridge must be a bridge of love and prayer!

The church must concede that not everyone is heterosexual and called to marriage and that in the same way that some people are left handed so too are some people made to love people of their own sex.

Gay people must then concede that while God loves them and isn’t trying to force them to become straight they are nonetheless also being called to a conversion of life and heart through an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus.

Never for example has Jesus ever told me that I will become straight. In fact He’s told me the total opposite, that He made me to love men and that in doing that I’ll find both my happiness and healing and I think it’s obvious to everyone that I’m a far happier person now than I was some years ago!

This good news however also has a “but” just like Vassula’s book!

The “but” in my case is around gay sex. Jesus has always made it crystal clear to me….or should I say “Bristol clear” that gay sex is sinful.

Now wait a second! That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had any because anybody that knows me knows that that isn’t true but what it does mean is that Jesus is calling gay people to sexual purity.

Jesus isn’t some sort of policeman luring around in your bedroom who sets off an alarm every time someone might be tempted to sin! In fact He knows that we are weak and that at times we will probably give in.

Neither does Jesus suddenly give His loved ones the instantaneous grace of sexual purity….I’m still waiting on that one!!

And yet there He is calling each one of us to an intimate and personal relationship with Him and asking us to allow Him to change how we live our lives and use things like our sexuality.

Too many gay people are committing suicide because they do not know the love of Jesus and because often they have nobody to teach them and sadly the wider gay ‘community’ while offering things like acceptance and brotherhood very often deny the reality of God and the invitation to prayer, conversion and healing.

Sadly some want Jesus to change the rules and say that it’s ok to be gay and it’s ok to have as much sex as you like with who you like when you like.

We seem to have come to the point of saying that Jesus is a bigot because He talks about sin! If we don’t like something then we call it discrimination. If we don’t like someone we accuse them of judging us…..have we really come to the point of making up our own rules and telling God to butt out?….Yes!!

Churches are empty like this one today in Bristol and people have less and less interest in what God has to say and in transforming their lives.

And yet what is Jesus’ reaction?

Love and truth as He pleads with us to take notice before it’s too late and to become personally aware of the reality of evil and the personal call to conversion of hearts and lives.

Whether gay or straight or black or white or trans or whatever, Jesus is calling each one of us onto a road of conversion and prayer. This is not discrimination, it’s just facts and to ignore it under some pretext and to just make up one’s own rules carries a very heavy price as Jesus in all His love and mercy is every bit capable of spitting a rebellious and prideful soul out of His mouth and damning them to hell for all eternity.

And so as my bus arrives in London and I thank God for the beautiful place that Bristol is I continue like Vassula to pray and work for unity in the church and gay community through Jesus.

I give thanks to Jesus for all His blessings in my life, especially the blessing of Rayne and I pray that we may lead the way and show the world that gay, catholic, charismatic and alive is possible!

Have a great day and as usual if you feel called to helping me and my ministry in any way please reach out because every bit of help is both needed and appreciated.