Good morning!!

Back in London and back with a bang! Seems like Satan isn’t too pleased this morning judging by all the negativity that has been coming my way. I’m shaking in my boots as you can see!!

It started off with this lady forgiving me for how much I had upset her and in usual victim form, everything was of course my fault!

Then on Facebook I was told that I had a warped view of God to think that He’d send anyone to hell before another accusing me of driving people to suicide because of my belief that gay sex is a sin.

It strikes me that everything nowadays is based on opinion rather than truth and if you state that your opinion is the truth then you will be accused of being prideful. “Your opinion is not supreme” was another one!

Anyway as I pray about it I do find it sad how people are so unwilling to listen to someone who may be more experienced than them and have clearer insights.

I am not perfect and yet for almost 15 years Jesus has allowed me to see the spiritual world and see things like hell and demons. Furthermore I’m not the only one and indeed what I’ve experienced and seen is no different to what other seers and mystics have seen down through the ages.

Of course talking about these things is very delicate. Too much emphasis on hell and sin drives fear into people and indeed can lead to things like anxiety and suicide.

On the other hand to say that there is no sin and that no effort is required to get to heaven in pushing God’s mercy to suit our own likes and dislikes!

Alison, a friend of mine in Australia who was very involved in the deliverance ministry used to say to me “as soon as I hear the word ‘surely’ an alarm bell goes off”.

“Surely Jesus would never do this and never do that…”

“Surely God would never…”

In her experience ‘surely’ meant that human beings were transposing their beliefs and ideas onto God.

And yet the reality is that hell does exist and many souls go there and there are many demons there and that this is the main reason that Jesus died, to save us from hell!

Yes it is scary and terrifying and yet this is why we are called to church and to prayer and to converting our lives

A doctor for example who treats people for cancer must bring them to the truth of their illness and then with hope explain to them how to beat it.

Is it scary? Yes!

Do some people commit suicide after being diagnosed with cancer? Yes!

Is recovery easy? No!

Is a lot of personal effort and pain and lifestyle changes required to recover when it can be treated? Yes!

And so it is with sin! Sin is like a treatable cancer and Jesus can heal it with our cooperation in prayer and community.

So please guys, don’t shoot the messenger! I don’t make up the rules and remember if you are scared or have thoughts of suicide, seek help and above all seek Jesus who is merciful and doesn’t expect any of us to become saints overnight!

Have a great day and remember, Jesus’ ways are not our ways and His mercy doesn’t exclude great trials and great sufferings. He never promised us heaven on earth!