Good morning world!

Over the years I’ve noticed every diabolic trick to undermine our faith and belief in Jesus and His truth.

One of the most subtle ones is this “that’s just your opinion and my opinion is different and so nobody really knows and we are all equal”.

In other words; you can’t be sure that God exists or whatever and if you say that you are then you are prideful and you think that your opinion or beliefs are above ours!!

So what then? In the name of ‘humility’ are we supposed to bow down and apologise for our faith and deny Jesus?

I don’t think so!

Jesus reveals Himself very clearly to some people like He did to St. Paul and Paul was subsequently not acting from a place of opinion but from a place of revelation.

Many of us have had revelations from Jesus, St. Paul types of experiences where Jesus revealed Himself to us.

Millions for example through the charismatic renewal have come to know Jesus and His presence and power and received immense healing.

For those of us blessed my such experiences we become convinced about the presence of Jesus etc. Sadly this can challenge others and make them feel uncomfortable…

“You think that you are better than me”

To which we must reply “I don’t but I thank God that He has given me this grace and I pray that you will receive it too”.

Nowadays there is too much talk of us all being equal and of course in God’s eyes we are all equally loved but God does not pour out graces and revelations equally!

God blesses some souls with insights and graces that others will never have and He does this so that they can help the others to grow but when we live in a society where people often don’t want to be told or taught by anybody, instead of being listened to these souls are often ridiculed.

I’ve noticed over the years that the revelations that Jesus has given to me often find the most resistance in priests. Maybe it’s because they feel that they should be getting them and not me (and hey, I agree) or maybe it’s because somehow it brings them into contact with their own insecurities and issues but at times I’ve been utterly astonished at their resistance to the Holy Spirit and to spiritual experiences.

And yet the truth is very simple. Jesus desires us to be on fire for Him, for the Eucharist and other sacraments. He desires us to preach and teach unashamedly about His healing power and about the need for prayer in the world.

He doesn’t want us afraid to open our mouths in case we offend someone else or in case we come across as non ecumenical or intolerant. He desires us to be true Catholics and if and when others get offended with love we can explain our truth to them and walk away.

So on this Friday as we pray for priests this evening in our church, I pray that there will be no more people pleasing but only Jesus pleasing and that as Catholics we can speak boldly and authoritatively about the person and love of Jesus Christ wherever we go and to whoever we meet!

I pray also for those Catholics that can’t do this, that they will humbly ask Jesus for more grace and for more faith and humbly realise that they need more healing and strengthening from the Holy Spirit instead of spreading their doubts and confusion to others like a cancer.

So my motto for today

“Not an opinion, the truth!”

Have an awesome day with Jesus everyone and may He bless us all with more of His love and peace and joy!