Good morning from a very sunny London. Last week we had rain and floods, this weekend we have a heatwave….crazy times!

Last night we had a prayer evening for priests which included mass and adoration. As I’m currently reading a little of Vassula book and the messages that she received from Jesus, I was reminded of the messages I received myself from Jesus about priests when I was in Medjugorje in 2018.

I’m not going to share everything straight away but I will share one of them that I thought was particularly beautiful and portrays God’s love for His priests and the dignity of the priesthood!

This one was from God the Father to me:


The priesthood is a sublime vocation because the priest is me on earth reconciling people with me through Jesus. I live in Jesus and so I live in each priest, I desperately desire to love and be reconciled with my children. 

The priest is a father, a lover of his flock, of his children.

He is a spiritual father and doctor who trains and heals his children, guiding them in this life into eternal bliss in the next.

He is a lover of humanity, he desires for each and every soul to find their way, to find peace joy happiness in their hearts, the peace and joy that lasts, the peace and joy from God.

The priest is a defender. Like any father, he must protect and defend his children from what is harmful. He is like a roaring lion protecting his cubs. The priest is a teacher, teaching his flock how to please God, how to live a life pleasing to God, how to pray, how to love, how to sacrifice.

The priest is a doctor. A doctor of spirit and soul. A doctor of eternal things, his instruments are not tools of this world but of the spirit. His consecrated hands, his tongue, his many charisms, preaching, love, deliverance, exorcism, gifts of wisdom, discernment, knowledge. In prayer and fasting does he learn his craft. 

The priest is a man, he too has his weaknesses, his limits, his wounds. He needs his fellow priests to help him. The priest is my son, my son whom I have favoured with such a calling, pray and remind my priests of who they are and my special love for them.

Anyway this is just one of many messages that I have received about priests all which have the same core message; the extraordinary nature of the priesthood and yet the human ordinariness and weakness of those called to be priests.

And so today as I reflect on last night and on this message from 2018, I summarise as follows:

It’s not enough to pray for priests. We must come to know the priests, love the priests, have mercy for the priests, have understanding for the priests and help the priests in any way we can without judging them because while the calling to the priesthood is great, God’s love and mercy is greater!

Have a great day and let us thank God especially today for our priests and the gift of the priesthood to the world.