Today in the gospels Jesus invites His disciples to come away to a quiet place for some rest.

What is interesting is that He did not offer them an all expenses paid cruise around the world or a week in a 5 star hotel or whatever…

In fact by today’s standards He suggested something boring…..a quiet place!!

And so fittingly today Jesus sent me on an adventure to a quiet place, the park!!

Why did Jesus suggest a quiet place to His disciples?

Simple! Have you ever heard the expression “I can’t hear myself think”?

In the noise and busyiness of the modern world we need quiet time to reflect, digest, assimilate and think!

They say that a cow has 4 stomachs and after a good feed of grass I often noticed when I was young how they’d like to sit in the sun and “chew the cud”…..digest what they ate and pass it from one stomach to the next.

We too need to do the same with our spirits. We need time apart to reflect and think and integrate our experiences into our lives before deciding on the next step.

Failure to do so leads to things like depression and burnout as we become ‘experience rich and heart poor’.

We must digest the experiences we live, absorb the good and throw out the bad …

Another point to notice is that Jesus wanted to go with them!!

How many today desire a break away that includes a break from Jesus, the very source of peace itself.

Yet these aren’t bad people but people who haven’t come to know the love and peace and fun side of Jesus. Sometimes Jesus is portrayed as a sort of slave driver always asking us to pray more and cribbing about our sins!!

Truly if He was really like that then I would leave Him at home too. 🤣🤣🤣

But He’s not! Jesus is also fun and creative and wants to teach us how to find the balance in our lives and ministries.

He doesn’t want to be excluded from the fun as if it’s something that we will need to bring to confession later, He wants to make the fun and lighten our load.

The charismatic renewal has shown us much of this fun side of Jesus especially through music and dance and we need more of it.

And so today let us not be afraid to come away with Jesus and to allow Him to help us assimilate and integrate and perhaps change our lives so that we can get a better balance and by doing so be the best and most fully alive version of ourselves!

Jesus, pour our your spirit of holy fun on us and make this Sunday a Funday!!

Blessings of joy to all!