Good afternoon to you from a mask free London where things are sort of back to normal even if we are all holding our breath for as to how long.

Last night we had a beautiful evening of healing adoration. It started with Séamus’ anointed singing in front of the blessed sacrament and then led into short 5 minute teaching on inner healing with a 30/ 40 minute healing adoration and meditation led by myself.

Rayne played the guitar and sang during the healing prayers while Toni interceded for all and everyone!

It really was a really beautiful evening of prayer and community as we gathered together with our different charisms and personalities to serve Jesus and to be instruments of healing to others.

The entire evening went on for about an hour and Séamus recorded it as he does for his weekly prayer meeting.

If you would like to watch and participate I will put the link here. God works outside of our human time and you will still be able to receive healing and graces for your life and the lives of your families.

We are not your typical group of old ‘fuddy duddies’ as an Irish lady put it once so please do feel to share it with anyone you think may be interested, especially younger people who at times get discouraged when speakers and prayer ministers are much older.

We seek to bring the healing power of Jesus to everyone and show the world that life with Jesus brings so much joy and so much fun and that He is for every age and every generation from the youngest to the oldest.

So enjoy and as usual if you want to support our ministry please get in touch!