Good afternoon from a very hot London.

This afternoon I was at mass in the cathedral and to my pleasant surprise things were indeed back to normal. It was no longer necessary to wear a mask or social distance, the seats were no longer marked out and the priest said “body of Christ” as we received Jesus!

Some predict that this ‘free phase’ will only last till September. I don’t know to be honest but for now it is what it is.

Another thing that has made waves in the church world recently is the Pope’s decision to restrict the use of the Latin mass in a bid to deflate the liturgical wars in the church.

As I prayed about it I read over what Jesus said to me regarding liturgy a few years ago. Here is a little of it:

Liturgy is a visible manifestation of the invisible, imagine a game of mimes, where unable to speak or see, the actor must mime to the contestants what it is that he is describing. 

Liturgy is similar, the aim the Liturgy is to depict the underlying & invisible spiritual realities.

The only difference is that the priest or celebrants are not acting out something that isn’t actually there, No, the priest is actually making visible a spiritual reality.

Love is the essence of Liturgy. Without Love, Liturgy becomes theatre and the Holy Mass a show. When a Liturgy is too complex, it is very difficult for a priest to pray, he will be over occupied with what he must do or say next to prayerfully consider the meaning to his actions. On the other hand, when a Liturgy is too simple, all sense of the Sacred can be lost and once again distraction can prevent prayer.

At times as I read some of the comments on the Pope’s decision I’m often saddened at the lack of mention of Jesus!

Did Jesus save the world or was it the liturgy. Is love of liturgy more important than the love of Jesus and what good is either liturgy if there is such anger and bitterness in people’s hearts?

And so once again I’m pointed to Our Lady of Medjugorje and her simple but challenging message for us all; to pray with the heart and this means

Attending mass with the heart

Going to confession with the heart

Working with the heart

Loving others with the heart

And yea…

Celebrating the liturgy with the heart!

So let us do everything with the heart and not allow ourselves to fall into these arguments and strife that only lead to more division.

God bless Pope Francis!