Hello everyone!

It’s so sunny here in London and the sun seems to bring out people’s energy and desire to go out and party. From what I hear the clubs have been packed but so far I’ve avoided them completely as I only go when I’m in evangelisation mode!

The gym on the other hand is another story. I seem to have fallen in love with sport as the holes in my runners testify.

Anyway today’s blog is not about me but about Toni’s cat who had a fall from the upstairs window a few days ago. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a suicide attempt! We’re not that bad to live with!!!

The poor pussy lost its balance and the rest is history but in case you are wondering if we had cat for dinner or if she survived I will tell you guys tomorrow..

Couldn’t wait! She survived and actually there seems to be very little wrong with her. Of course Toni was worried as he loves animals far more than me who mainly just enjoys eating them but still, I wouldn’t like to see her dying like that.

Afterwards it got me thinking of how much Jesus loves each and every one of us far more than a cat and how concerned that He must be when we fall from grace!

Jesus knows that like the cat we live in an environment where there are dangers and that at times we venture off and get into trouble.

Mia the cat for example is always trying to go outside and yet outside is where she may well get run over by a car or lost as she’s always been inside.

It was actually in trying to get out that she fell off the window!! How many times do we get into trouble when we too venture off a bit from what is safe and push things too far?

In the case of today’s society it’s sneaking off and getting involved with all sorts of things like drugs, affairs and god only only knows what as people look for excitement and adventure to spice up their lives!

And how does God react when it goes wrong and people need help?

He reacts like Toni! Full of love and compassion and a desire to make things better!!

Perhaps the cat was sneaking off because she was bored and perhaps a lot of good people do bad things because they are bored too and God’s reply to this is:

“I understand! Tell me, ask me for what you need! Tell me about the areas of your life where you are unfilled and bored and we will find a healthy solution together”.

Too many people are afraid be honest with God but there is a difference between a holy grumbling and an unholy grumbling!

A holy grumbling is actually inspired by the Holy Spirit. He’s grumbling within you shouting “I’m bored, come on, there is so much more to God and to life than this, I am with you, come on…we can do far more together!!”

A holy grumbling stirs us to having more faith and to appreciating the gift of life even more just like my friend Brenda on the right does!

An unholy grumbling on the other hand is laced with self pity, hopelessness and constant complaining and is not inspired by the Holy Spirit. People like that live to moan and need a hugh injection of God’s love and mercy to change!

And so today as the cat recovers from her first flight let us too be more honest and vulnerable before Jesus with what it is that we really want and about where we feel unfulfilled or blocked and let us entrust these things afterwards to the wisdom of the divinity who will surely find ways to fulfil our needs without anyone jumping out of a window!!

Have a great day and if anyone out there can help me to buy a new pair of runners, don’t be shy in getting in touch!