Good afternoon!

The sunny weather has gone and we are now waiting on a thunderstorm here in London.

As I was praying today I saw myself surrounded by the guardian angels of many priests and was compelled to pray for them.

As I prayed I once again became very conscious of God’s overwhelming love for priests and the need to pray for them.

Afterwards I felt to share something that Our Lady shared with me in Medjugorje about how much she both loves and understanding her priests and all of their struggles from ministry to personal matters.

Our Lady 

My priests are my children, they are my sons whom the heavenly father has chosen to bear a special likeness to Jesus. The more a soul resembles Jesus the more I am drawn to love that soul, for Jesus is God and also my son! 

This is why I have an extra special love for my priests. When I look at them, I do not look at their human faults but rather I see Jesus in them and I love Jesus in them. 

Many of my poor priests are very lonely. Many have never experienced my maternal love for them and they are tired and exhausted from pressures of modern life. 

Many, rich in learning feel empty, sad and depressed. Many of my poor sons turn to worldly consolations for comfort. Alcohol, pornography, sexual relationships….. 

My child, do not judge. Though they are priests, they too are men with hearts, with feelings. How many of them are crying to me for help, begging me to help them to be good priests, to deliver them from the snares that they have fallen into. 

How my heart bleeds with love and desire to restore them, to heal their hearts and to transform their ministries. 

No priest, no matter what sins He has committed is beyond my desire to restore. I repeat ‘no matter what sins’. 

As I reflect on all this I’m once again hit by the humanity of Our Lady’s love. She’s not calling us or priests to be Holy without understanding our hearts and struggles and needs nor does she show any judgement on priests that may be struggling. Her heart is pure and she simply wants to love each priest and make each Holy with a fruitful ministry.

I have many more messages along the same lines but this one will do for today.

Let our prayer today be for priests and also for ourselves that we may love them with the loving, compassionate and understanding heart of Our Lady.

Have a wonderful day and will let you know how the thunderstorm goes!


P.s. A big thanks to the person who is donating me a pair of new runners!