Good morning all!!

Last night Rayne and I visited Fr. Paul who is recovering nicely after a hip operation. It gave us such joy to see him so happy and beaming with joy and contentment after his surgery. We celebrated a lovely mass together and had some fish ‘n chips afterwards to fill our stomachs!!

Anyway I went out for a coffee this morning and noticed on Facebook that today is a special day that dedicated to praying for the elderly.

Suddenly I felt the presence of Jesus around me and He asked me to write. For anyone that’s curious, yes He talks to me in all sorts of places from the church to the gym to the coffee shop and I write the messages on my phone! If we can receive phone calls everywhere then can’t God in His power communicate with us everywhere?!

Anyway here is what Jesus said to me and it was as usual filled with both love, truth and pain….


Write my child and do not be afraid to share!

When I look at a soul I do not look as you look in the world. I do not look at age or at external beauty but rather I look at the intensity of love.

Today you celebrate the elderly and yet how it pains me bitterly than many elderly people in your world do not know me and have no supernatural love in their souls. Rich in experiences of life and yet empty of the most important thing, supernatural grace in the soul.

How sad that while some older people unite their struggles with me and grow brighter and more intense in love, others refuse me and even want to choose their own death.

If these souls knew the suffering that awaits they would choose to live another 100 years on earth offering me their pain in reparation for the sins of their lives and for the world.

Today as you pray for the elderly, I implore you to pray for the conversion of these souls and of your world that sees no value in suffering or prayer. I desire not to lose a single soul but I need your help.

What more needs to be said?

Jesus our good shepards desperately desires to be made known and for the value of prayer and suffering to be made known. Things like euthanasia are profoundly evil and anyone promoting such in the name of love is very deceived.

Let us offer prayers today for these people and most of all let us through our own lives be witnesses of Jesus and use every opportunity to show others through both our words and example that the afterlife is very real and that one can’t presumptuously assume that one can live and die as they want and then just stroll into heaven!

Jesus have mercy.

Thanks for reading and again if you would like to help my ministry and help me spread these messages, please reach out. I need all the help that I can get!