Good morning world!

A few days ago I mentioned that we were expecting a thunderstorm and to be honest it never really came so I was left feeling a bit disappointed. Seems like the weather forecast is still miles behind despite all the modern advances.

Another thing besides the weather that is utterly messed up today us our church. Yesterday I read a little from Vassula’s messages “True life in God” and Jesus described the terrible state of the church today to her.

Jesus showed her his crucified body and told her that the Church today has been crucified in the same way

To be honest some of the messages made me quite uneasy because for years now Jesus has been telling me the same and I’ve often been so afraid to share these messages because people could quite easily think that I was accusing them or being prideful or judging etc.

I think that Jesus is using Vassula’s writings to encourage me and to give me the courage to share some of these messages and so here goes!!

This is the first one I got back in 2016:


My child, imagine a house burning in flames, imagine the chaos as all is being destroyed, people trying to escape, others trying to salvage some materials, other screaming and fighting to get out, while others risking their lives to extinguish the flames.

Such is the Catholic Church today. Bishop fights against bishop, cardinal against cardinal, there is no respect for the Holy Father. Humanism and rationalism have replaced Church dogma. Bishops teach what they like, they arrogantly pick and choose what to teach and reinterpret according to their own tastes. They all but ignore the Holy Father. They resent his authority, they have become God’s unto themselves! O my child, how awful the punishment they amass unto themselves. They will be held accountable not only for their own sins, but also for the sins of omission that cause untold damage and suffering to the flock.

They no longer believe that hell exists, ‘God’s love is infinite” they say! “His mercy would never allow such a thing”.

They make up their own rules. Why did I die on the cross? Why have I appeared to countless souls over the years with the same message – reparation for sin saves souls from hell!

They have ignored my messages to St Faustina, picking and choosing the acceptable bits. I not only spoke of mercy to Sr Faustina, I spoke also of judgement, of heaven, of hell and more importantly of the great chastisement. Without truth there is no mercy. They arrogantly let the flock given to them perish, there is no excuse my child, no excuse.

The message I think speaks for itself! No major commentary or interpretation is needed and one thing is sure; change is on the horizon.

Jesus is going to purify and restore the church to what it should be by exterminating the corruption and all the agents of corruption from the top down.

How and when exactly this is going to happen nobody really knows but it’s quite obvious that the wheels of justice are already in motion and just as the weather here went from sunny to rainy overnight, so too will the Lord’s justice rain down on the world and church and bring about more dramatic changes that anyone could imagine!

Anyway in the meantime all we can do is love Jesus, pray for the church and for the world and trust that with Our Lady, God has a wonderful plan to restore holiness and harmony to the whole world.

Have a wonderful day!