Good morning all from what’s predicted to be a rainy London…..

Over the last few days I have been sharing some writings that Jesus has given me, I’ve had a few interesting conversations with different people and I’ve quoted the writings of Vassula a few times…

Some of the feedback has been very interesting! Mostly no feedback at all, some very positive feedback and some fear and confusion. To be fair I’ve got no negative feedback at all!!

Today I want to look at the fear and confusion because a life like mine is one that has been full of both!!

People hear a testimony like mine or Vassula’s. We were ordinary people and then we began having extraordinary experiences. Jesus apparently began to talk to us and give us messages. After much angst and fear ourselves we eventually write the messages and share them and then our worst fear comes true…

“That’s not from God ..he/ she is being led by the devil….”

And there is absolutely nothing that we can do to prove them wrong!

If it was something else like a car we could pull out the owner’s certificate and say “see, it is my car” or of it was a legal matter we could show others the relevant documents…..but in this realm there is no concrete proof!!

Personally I feel compassion for people because there are many times Jesus has spoken to me and told me stuff that has made me feel really uncomfortable and while He would always reassure me not to be afraid, He’d firmly remind me that my job was to write the messages and not to invent them!!

Some things like the current state of the church and the sufferings in purgatory etc. are not easy to write about while other aspects like the joy of heaven and the beauty of the angels are very easy to write about. We all like hearing about good things and good news.

But then the messages go out and some think they are from God and others are afraid of being deceived. This is totally normal, for years I was terrified of bring deceived myself so I can hardly expect people who barely know me to immediately believe that I am from God!

Then there is the half way house so to speak in that some of the messages are from God and some are not. Of course this too breeds great confusion trying to decide which ones….

Then there are things like the credibility of the character. In my case some people find it very difficult that I an not heterosexual and do a lot of evangelisation in the gay community ….surely a prophet of God wouldn’t do that …would he?!!

And then of course the pressure to be perfect!! Can Jesus really speak perfectly clearly to such an imperfect soul and if Jesus really is speaking to that person, why do they still struggle with this and with that?!!

And so you see all these factors can lead to fear and confusion and so lead people to avoid people like me…I’d probably do the same!!

People are very afraid nowadays of being tricked because there are so many different things out there and in this realm of divine messages there are many people who receive messages and not all are true.

For me it’s very funny that Jesus would choose me for such a mission because as a mathematician it’s everything that I dislike!! Maths is brilliant because you can get an answer, show your methodology and nobody can dispute it. This world of spirituality and mysticism is the utter opposite and nobody will ever fully appreciate what a terrible martyrdom that it has been for someone like me to be thrown into this arena of religious crackpots and now to be one of the biggest crackpots of them all!!!

Jesus certainly knew how to humble me…that’s for sure!

But anyway, all that aside what do I say to people in the midst of this understandable fear and confusion?!

The first thing I’d say is not to be afraid. It’s ok to have fears and doubts and to be confused but don’t let that become a focus.

Secondly I’d say to stick to the sacraments. Any authentic messages from a catholic will highlight the love of Jesus and the power of the sacraments. Keep on going!

Thirdly, ask questions! Don’t gossip but ask questions and give voice to your concerns. Even St. Joseph needed direction from heaven when he saw that Mary was pregnant….ask God for help discerning.

Next I’d recommend you to pray for the person. If they are genuinely from God then they’ll get very attacked and will need your prayers for protection and if they are being deceived by the devil they’ll need prayers to wake up!! So either way…pray!!

And last of all don’t let it disturb your peace!! It might be from God, it might not be but life goes on and only time will tell! Don’t get obsessed about trying to figure it all out but rather surrender it all to God and in the meantime rest in His abiding love trusting that when the time is right He’ll make things clear!

And so there you go! Be not afraid, be not confused because regardless of what any visionary or seer saw or didn’t see, our God is a God of love, patience, mercy and understanding and so keep on talking to Him, keep on praying and all will be right.

Have a peaceful day free of fear and confusion!