Good afternoon from McDonald’s!!

This morning my French friend Marie-André told me about yet another scandal to hit the church. This time a top cardinal removed by the pope and on trial for the corruption to the tune of hundreds of millions.

My mind flashes back to my childhood and the envelopes for the priests collection that despite having six children and not a flashy job my dad and I’m sure lots of other dads never missed.

Even my grandfather who was over 90 never missed the collection and in an ideal and Holy church this would be a good thing.

But where really was their money going?

In previous generations blind trust meant that people never asked the question but sadly scandal after scandal across the world has shown us that in a lot of cases this money was not used for the spread of the gospel.

How some church leaders can take money from the poor while they live in luxury themselves really is beyond me and what they will say to God on judgement day terrifies me.

Of course all of this hits me even harder because I was trained in finance myself and I now live on providence and often struggle financially.

The ironic thing is that people might be distrustful helping me financially while they give wholeheartedly to the church thinking that it’ll be used wisely!

From what I’ve seen over the years more money is spent on maintaining over decorated and now empty buildings than actually helping the poor and spreading the gospel.

I’ve never received a penny in 15 years from the church for my evangelisation ministry nor have others while at the same time millions is spent on buildings etc.

When prestige and buildings become more important than the gospel then we are no better the the people of Israel who were worshipping the golden calf.

Maybe today we have the ‘golden church’ where the buildings and the art and the architecture have become all but idols as we proudly flaunt our religion before others.

Yet we should remember with fear and with trembling that Jesus was born in a stable and died 33 years later on a cross with nothing and all our big buildings will only draw on us the wrath of God if within them there is no love for God and for the poor.

And so as I finish my McDonald’s I encourage everyone to be good stewards with your money and think carefully when you are giving about where it is going and what it is being used for.

And on that note a humble thanks to my Mum and dad who out of their old age pensions sent me €50 each to help me continue my own ministry.

May these cardinals be brought to justice and the money given to the church be distributed justly and fairly for the spread of the gospel.

Thanks for reading,