Good morning!

This morning as I was praying Jesus spoke to me very clearly about His justice. He asked me to share the message without explanation so here goes…

Justice and Mercy

My dear children,

I hear your cries for mercy and for more mercy but how can there be mercy without my justice?

How can your God be brutally killed on a cross, shed His blood for each of you and now be almost completely ignored?

How can humanity implore my mercy and yet ignore my sacrifice and my call to conversion?

To implore my mercy is to have a heart and a desire to change. It is to recognize one’s sins and have the desire to change. It is to humble oneself before your God.

How can you implore my mercy and not recognise me as God?

How in the name of mercy can you justify sin and expect me to turn a blind eye?

How can you have mercy without justice?

My dear children, it is impossible. I call you all to holiness and to conversion. I do not judge you harshly but pour out my love on you to lift you up but now you tell me that you don’t desire to be lifted up and that you desire to stay in your sinful ways and for me turn a blind eye….

You even say that I am a harsh and cruel God who expects and who asks too much and who is lacking in mercy!

My mercy is not the same as your mercy. Mercy is not to be confused with compromise and tolerance of evil.

Satan deceives you and once again presents you with His lies and deception as he did with your first parents.

I am calling you my children to serious and firm conversion, to tirelessly rooting out sin from your lives and to putting prayer and works of charity at the centre of your lives.

I am calling you to witness and to evangelise and to teach others my ways with faith and with conviction.

I have left you the lives and examples of countless saints and my mother is ever at your sides helping and guiding you in every way.

This life is short while the next is eternal. Do not waste it nor teach others to waste it by your bad example.

I want every human being to know of my love and my mercy for them. I desire for every heart to be given the truth and the opportunity to follow me.

How can this happen if you do not help me and who will be held responsible on judgement day?

My children. The justice of God is a terrifying thing. Woe to those who abuse my mercy and teach others to do the same. It would be better for them on judgement day had they never met me!

Have a great day everyone and may we all rise to the challenge of the Lord’s mercy and make Him and His ways known to the world no matter the cost.