Hello all!

The first time that I heard the term “holy huddle” was in Australia. The name says it all really! It’s a group of prayerful and often pious people who like to hang out together and have as little as possible to do with anyone else.

And like everything there are some reasons that seem to justify this approach and even call it holiness!

By keeping away from filthy sinners you are of course less likely to sin yourself and because people who like Holy huddles don’t count sins of omission as sins, they are all but self declared saints!

Yet Jesus warns very sternly about only loving those people who are like ourselves and the Lord Jesus and his little huddle spent their lives on the road reaching out to others of every kind!

Now of course Jesus and his disciples spent quality time together too which was needed but this is not all that they did.

A few days ago I spoke with a Holy huddler about my ministry.

He was most impressed by Jesus talking to me, my descriptions of purgatory etc. At one point it felt that we were on the same wavelength…

Until that is that we began speaking of evangelisation and his disapproval and fears were almost contagious!

Phrases like “I’m not sure about that ” which translated from native huddler to english mean “that’s totally wrong” and “what image does that give” which translates into “you’re a fake catholic letting us all down promoting sin with those gay animals”!!

Then “the devil is everywhere” which means “the devil is as powerful as God” and “evil spirits might attack you” which translates into “you’re following the devil!!”

Maybe now you are beginning to understand huddler too! Everything is spoken with extreme niceness but they never quite tell you what they really feel….yet what they fail to say in words comes out in body language and facial expressions!!

These huddlers are not bad people but somewhere on their journeys they have failed to really understand the mercy and power of Jesus and the call to evangelisation.

Being over afraid of the devil gives them sort of evangelisation-phobia and so they play the safe game by spending endless hours in the church. A bit of religious or spiritual pride usually sets in and so rather than being able to see their fear of evangelisation, they justify their position of keeping the Lord company and judge those of us who are out gallavantting in the name of the gospel!

One could easily ask the question if they really are keeping Jesus Jesus company or if by their fear and stubbornness they aren’t driving more thorns into His head!

The Jesus I know doesn’t allow me to live like that and sends me to meet people and go places that I’d never go in a million years of my own accord.

He brings me back then to the church and to the sacraments to fill up before sending me out again much to the dismay and disapproval of the huddler club!!

Yet all joking aside, this is serious. These huddlers are not following Jesus nor the Holy Spirit in these areas of their lives and they are an obstacle to evangelisation just like a slow moving donkey on the road!

They need to humbly go before Jesus and confess their fear and their lack of love for others and ask Him to remove their pride and turn them into confident and bold disciples of Jesus.

They must repent of judging others and of somehow seeing themselves as the Lord’s chosen elite and open wide their hearts and minds to the various and wonderful ways that the Holy Spirit works!

And so finally I’ll finish by saying to you all not be a holy huddler but be brave and be strong and bring Jesus to the corners of society that so desperately need His compassion and love.

“Dear Lord, transform the Holy huddlers into Jesus peddlers. Turn these slow old donkeys into champion horses for the kingdom and bring our church back to life”!!