About a week ago I shared a blog where Our Lady spoke to me about the priesthood:


A few days later I shared a similar blog about her compassion for priests:


And today being Saturday and a day we often pray to Mary I will share the next one which is what Our Lady said to me back in 2018 while I was in Medjugorje.

Before sharing I will however say that it’s ironic that while Our Lady had me praying and interceding for months on end for priests in Medjugorje and spoke to me almost every day about them that later I would be attacked and accused of following demons by a priest in Medjugorje!!

This however was allowed by God for me to grow and to pray even more for that same priest and also a simple sign that priests are simple human beings too who have wounds that need healing and who can make mistakes as well.

So without further ado, here is what Our Lady said about the healing of our priests:

Our Lady

Write my child. I am holding your hand

Consider a doctor. He will treat the patient and illness the same regardless of whether the patient be a priest or a teacher or a fireman! 

My child, my priests are men too. They have childhoods, troubled pasts, sinful tendencies just like anybody else. God does not choose the perfect. 

Many of my priests, my beloved sons are in desperate need of inner healing and of spiritual renewal. Their inner wounds combined with pressures from ministry mean that many of my most loved sons are burnt out and exhausted. Some have grown disorientated with the priesthood, with the Church, with life. Some have left while many although they remain have left in heart. 

The core of the priesthood is the love of Jesus. But how can one be passionate about a love that that they have not experienced. Nothing saddens Jesus more than lonely priests because Jesus does not desire them to be lonely. Jesus desires to fill their hearts with His love, a real love that can be felt in the heart. A love that moves the priest to smiling, laughing and praying with joy. 

My child, so many of my beautiful sons have blocked hearts from inner wounds. The heart of God does not desire to punish them but to heal them. 

There is a lot of pressure on priests. Often lay people expect them to be perfect and your current media is harsh, very harsh on priests. Often even seminary training is lacking. 

Pray for my priests, continue to offer your sufferings especially for my priests. When you meet my priests, speak of my love, mercy and compassion for them. Encourage them, thank them, be patient with them. Over time doors will open for you to minister to them. They are your brothers. 

Walk and pray much today for priests today. 

I bless you with my love and protection 

Advocate of priests 

This message highlights two things for me. The first is God’s overwhelming love and understanding of His priests, the second is His desire to heal them.

In order for priests like anyone else to heal they too must be vulnerable and must be open. They must approach the Lord and those in the healing ministry with humility and open up about their struggles and weaknesses too.

It is clear from this message that Our Lady does not expect her priests to be perfect and desires them to be vulnerable and humble and to reach out for healing.

An example of this was when I was in Sydney and an almost 80 year old priest travelled down to Sydney for a week for an inner healing retreat that we were running.

The retreat wasn’t even for priests, it was for everyone and Father X participated in the retreat 100% sharing like everyone else about His childhood and struggles etc.

It was both healing for him and for us to be so open and so human and it filled us all with love and understanding for eachother.

And so today Our Lady is inviting us to pray for our priests and to also invite them too to get inner healing and deliverance where necessary from inner wounds that may be holding them back because at the end of the day they are just ordinary human beings too!