Hello my dear friends from a slightly miserable London! Fortunately our joy does not depend on the weather but in the never ending unchanging love of God!

Yesterday I had an interesting dispute with a priest! In summary it was a theologian against a messenger of God!

The theologian was not me and of course had no time for any of the messages that Jesus or Mary have given me. I’m not sure what he thinks, does he think that I’m mad or that they are the fruit of my imagination….

As the conversation continued I was relieved to learn that he doesn’t believe that Our Lady speaks to anyone and so it wasn’t a personal attack on me!

Somehow maybe too smart for his own boots he doesn’t accept any of what in theology is called “locutions”.

For me it’s quite difficult to understand how a theologian can refuse to believe in mystical phenomena such as locutions considering that the church widely accepts locutions and this spiritual gift.

It is indeed very sad that someone trained by the church and indeed financed by the church all his life from the pockets of ordinary people could refuse to believe in what Jesus and Mary are both doing and saying all over the world.

Of course he is only one of many and it’s not for me to judge him and yet it makes me so sad because Jesus and Mary do speak to us in these times through many chosen souls and this should not be simply brushed off or ignored in the name of theology.

In these times of confusion we need the help of Jesus and Mary now more than ever less we get deceived by our own fanciful ideas which the evil one is always ready to inspire.

What’s the point praying to Our Lady and then refusing to listen to her?!

Certainly these type of messages need to be discerned but down through the years the church has accepted countless testimonies of people who have received messages and they are nearly always of the same thread…..prayer, reparation, conversion….

To blatantly brush off all these messages and warnings and to think that one is pleasing Jesus is simply nonsense.

Anyway in the end I saw no further point in arguing as it could have gone on for hours! I’m not educated in theology nor do I ever want to be and even reading theological arguments with big words that I have to Google gives me a pain in my head!!

Loving Jesus and Mary and being obedient to them is my theology and ff that isn’t good enough for the brighter minds then they will just have to chew on it!!

The reality is that Jesus has always chosen simple uneducated souls like me to speak through and my job isn’t to provide theological explanations of His messages but just to share them.

Of course it’s disappointing when people don’t believe me or when priests refuse to believe in these types of revelations but sadly that is how our church is today and these are the internal wars that are raging.

And so with a smile let us continue to pray for our priests, especially those that are hardened and stubborn and refuse to listen to and believe in the messages that Jesus and Mary are giving to us in these times throughout the world.

In the meantime for those of us blessed to believe in the messages of Jesus and Mary let us continue to spread them and heed heaven’s call to prayer and conversion of sinners.