Good Monday morning to all and I hope you are all doing well with a spring in your step and a bop in your hop!!

As for me I’m doing great and ministry continues with each day bringing new experiences, new insights and more growth.

Recently I’ve become more comfortable and confident in sharing the messages that Jesus has been giving me which is something that I was terrified of doing for so many years as it puts me under a spotlight where I’d rather not be!

Yet, may His will be done and may these messages touch the hearts that they are destined for and when I die and meet Jesus face to face I’ll be able to say “I gave everything”.

Obviously Jesus has shared with me about many topics and here is a little snippet of what He said about ministry to the gay community


Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. You Can’t have enough Mercy. No other Group of People have been so wounded for so long.

You ‘Gay’ brothers and sisters need oceans and oceans of love. Dear Little Michael you have been experiencing first- hand what it is like. Don’t try to change people Just love them, listen to them, be gentle with them. By your love you will gain their trust.

The aim is never to bring them out homosexuality, it is to bring them to me and I will do the rest.

Just love them, by kind compassionate and understanding. They need love and much love. How my heart grieves to think that they know not of my love for them, to think that they feel excluded from the very source of love itself.

Tell them that I love them. 

As you can see Jesus is totally focused on making His love known. Not once did He mention sex or sin but only love.

You may wonder why but it’s simple. There is no point in talking about sin to people that don’t even know that God loves them. That approach will just add more rejection and pressure and leads to anxiety and even in some cases suicide.

Love on the other hand is gentle and kind and understanding and instead of putting pressure on souls to change using their own strength, love helps and assists souls using God’s strength.

Jesus is inviting us to be merciful and to bring these hurting souls to Him who will do the rest and who better to testify of this because Jesus met me all those years ago and indeed He did do the rest as I continue to go from strength to strength!

The biggest challenge in this area for those in ministry is not to get in the way of Jesus by somehow thinking that we know what He’ll do and indeed this is where all the ‘gay conversion” ministries have got into a lot of trouble because not only did they try to bring people to Jesus which was good but they also tried to play Jesus which ended in disaster.

Jesus does not want us forcing His hand or putting undue pressure on people after then saying that it’s His will!

Jesus has been misrepresented by so many especially in this area and so many gay people have been extremely wounded by the church and so now Jesus is calling for humility, love and mercy.

And so on that note I will continue my day and my ministry and do my best to spread the supernatural, unconditional, never-ending love of God to all whom I meet today!

May we all strive to do the same!