Last night I watched some of the Medjugorje youth festival online. I haven’t yet figured out how to cast from my phone to the TV so the screen was small!

Every evening from 5pm to 8pm (6pm to 9pm GMT) you can tune in through this link

It was so beautiful to see so many people unified in their faith praying to Jesus and Mary and so many priests too.

It contrasts so sharply with London life where unbelief is the new religion and people suffer ridicule and rejection.

As I was praying I stumbled on an old message that Our Lady gave me in 2017 in Medjugorje on unbelief and it seems fitting to share….

Of course ironically some won’t believe this message either nor will they believe in Medjugorje because unbelief breeds unbelief but Our Lady makes it very clear that unbelief and compromise are not virtues and must be repented of and transformed through prayer.

Our Lady 

Thank you for writing and praying. You are doing well! These messages will help many in the future. For now, be simple, write, pray, trust ! 

The current crisis in the world and church can be simplified into one problem, unbelief! 

Jesus not only came with a message of repentance, He came with the power of repentance or ‘grace’ as you call it. 

Grace is supernatural, it transforms your human nature uplifting it to a ‘human divine’ nature. 

Grace opens the broken human heart to God, to experiencing God on a personal level and to talking and communicating with Him through prayer. 

Grace changes the human heart, it turns darkness into light. Hopelessness into hope, depression into joy, meaninglessness into meaning, materialism into simplicity, rationalism and atheism into faith! 

You see my child, grace is not merely a theological idea to be read about in books. It is also a living reality to be experienced by every Christian. 

Your greatest crisis in today’s world is unbelief in the reality of grace! How many argue that the teaching of the church is very beautiful and idealistic but in practice unrealistic and unattainable! Is this not because of unbelief?! 

Without grace it is impossible to love God the way He desires to be loved! Without grace it is impossible to get a to heaven! This is why Jesus died, to open gates of grace through His own body and blood. 

When people have unbelief in their hearts their love for God can only be weak. Their unbelief blocks the flow of grace which is why after years and years of Church going there is so little change in their lives. They then project their unbelief onto others, coming to the conclusion that if they are not experiencing change, then others are not experiencing it either . Unbelief then spreads like a virus and society arrives at where it is today, helplessness, hopelessness and compromise! 

Without grace God would not be a just God in asking human beings to do what is impossible. Grace my child is real, spiritual transformation is real, healing is real, miracles are real. 

Never grow tired of not just proclaiming your faith but of living your faith. When you meet people who are challenged, lovingly correct them of their unbelief. Remind them of the lives of the saints and of the teaching of the Church. Ask them to repent of their unbelief and to pray for the gift of faith. Be not afraid to be bold while not compromising in love! 

God does not expect anyone to become a saint overnight. He is love and patience. He simply asks that each one of you cooperates in prayer and actions with His redemptive plan through His grace. 

I, your heavenly mother am always at your side to both encourage and correct you. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. Many of you read too much and do not pray enough. Blessed be the simple hearts who allow the Holy Spirit to love and live through them. 

My little children, take my life as an example! Was it not filled with human contradictions from my immaculate concept to the virgin birth to my assumption. 

Come back to me with all your hearts and allow me to transform you into true children of the spirit. 

Your advocate and mother 

Have a great day and tune into the youth festival tonight if you can and let us pray for all those who struggle to believe and who’s faith is weak and confused.