Last night Rayne and I watched some of the Medjugorje youth festival on YouTube. I even figured how to get it on the larger screen of the TV.

It was so beautiful to see all the people from so many different countries singing and dancing. It made me wish that I was there!

And so this morning it was no surprise that Jesus spoke to me about the youth and His love for them.

Jesus, August 4th

Write my child and have no fear in sharing. Some may not believe that it is I, Jesus, speaking to you but do not let that trouble you. 

My heart burns for love for the young people of today. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ as you say in English and that ‘stitch in time’ is me, it is the gift of faith and love from God that will carry these young people through the inevitable sufferings and trials of life.

I desire all young people to know me and to talk to me as their friend and helper. I ardently desire to heal their hearts, guide their lives, bind their wounds and fill them with my Holy Spirit.

The harvest is indeed great and how many millions of young people all over the world do not know me and do not know that they are loved.

How many talk of suicide from the earliest of ages as Satan ravages families and destroys love all over the world.

More than ever I need apostles of love to spread my love and hope to those in the most need of it.

How ardently I desire ministries of prayer and healing for young people all over the world and yet how few are listening to my call.

On judgement day I will have great mercy on those young people who were deprived of knowing me and who went astray but woe to the shepards of the flock who stood by and did almost nothing.

My love is burning and so too is the hatred of Satan for young people for they are the future of your society.

Pray, pray, pray for more ministries to rise up boldly and to equip the young people of today for the battles and sufferings that they will inevitably face in the future.

I leave you my mother to guide you who has been appearing in Medjugorje now for many years. Open wide your hearts, heed her pleas for prayer and allow me to form you into the apostles of love that will change the world.”

As usual Jesus’ message is full of love and yet so stern because it is all so serious.

Jesus needs our help to reach out to young people through things like prayer groups etc. and if we don’t cooperate with Him as best we can we will be held responsible for these sins of omission.

In love Jesus is pleading with us to take the call to prayer more seriously, to taking the hatred of Satan more seriously and to taking the pleas of Our Lady more seriously.

Life is short and as the Lord himself put it “a stitch in time saves nine”.

Let us pray today for the youth and ask Jesus the simple question “what do you want me to do to help?”.

Bless your day,