Good morning all!

Here in London it has become quite cold, it almost feels like winter to be honest. One can’t help but feel that the whole world is upside down at the moment and that the more we have pushed God and his ways out of our society the more we are reaping the consequences.

Yesterday Jesus sent me to mass in Soho, the main gay area. I always find Soho both liberating and intimidating. Liberating because pretty much everyone there is gay so there is little of any risk of homophobia and it’s wonderful to see such a variety of gay men from super camp to super macho! It breaks down so many of our stereotypes.

Intimidating too because one feels that Soho is also a place of a lot of sex and drugs and not a lot of God. One can feel pressured to be gay in that way and not accepted for ones religious beliefs on how to be gay and Holy.

And so as I sat alone in a coffee shop after mass I spoke to God about this and He replied!

In truth I wasn’t alone as I saw Our Lady beside me and my life is often like that. From leaving Ireland 14 or so yesterday ago I’ve spent a phenomenal amount of time with Jesus and Mary and the saints. They used to always talk to me and keep me company as I drove long distances, took long flights to places like India and Australia….I never was alone even though often I missed human company.

So here I was in Soho ‘alone’ and I was instructed to write! This time it was God the Father speaking to me. He’s so gentle, so kind, words can’t describe. Everything that He says is spoken with such love, sincerity and truth and at the same time I often feel His sadness as He knows as well as I do that the challenging parts of what He says will be utterly ignored, dismissed and ridiculed by so many who think they know better.

Anyway some of you might fall into that camp too for all I know but my job is to just share. I can’t convince you!

So here is God the Father’s message to gay people:

I love u Michael the way u are. You must tell gay people that I love and accept them as gay and that I will bless and prosper their lives in every way as I draw them to my heart.

Sex and lust will never fill these hearts which are yearning for my unconditional love

Do not be afraid of sharing this message. It does not contradict catholic teaching but expands and develops it.

I desire to see many relationships of love, prayer and sexual purity.

Do not be afraid of speaking about sexual purity. Rome wasn’t built in a day and my mercy is boundless for those who find this difficult. Tell them to continue to seek my heart of love and compassion after every sexual fall and over time they will overcome this vice.

Many will oppose you as they want me to bless sexual activity between members of the same sex. Tell them that I understand their good intentions but that this is not the path of holiness. Ask them to divert their attentions to me and to my loving heart where they will find the love that they seek for both themselves and others.

Remember my children that the call to holiness has never been easy and every soul whether gay or straight must do battle with the pangs of the flesh.

To deny sin is to give people a false freedom and to lead them on the path to perdition. It is not true charity and it is your human version of justice that denies God rather than my divine justice.

There is no shortcut to heaven that doesn’t require constant prayer sufferings to mortify the desires of the flesh. Anybody who tells you differently is lying.

Before you I give you so much heavenly assistance through the gift of the eucharist and through the sacraments of the church. I implore you to use them tirelessly after use your short lives here on earth to sanctify yourselves and to be examples of sanctity for others.

Look to the lives of the saints. Read their books, watch the films now available to you and draw inspiration from their lives.

Every journey starts with a single step, be not afraid to begin and I will help you to climb your calvary and will meet you at the end and welcome you into my eternal kingdom in heaven.

Your heavenly Father 

I guess in summary you could say “gay yes, sex no” and I know that some would go mad at such a notion. There is an increasing movement within the catholic church and among some priests to bless gay sex and to say that it is not a sin if it is done with love and yet this is not how God sees it.

God calls us to holiness and to set our gaze on heaven and this calling is so much higher and so much more demanding. To somehow deny this call and settle for some sort of human happiness in the name of equality and social justice or gay rights is an abomination to the message of Jesus and to the gospel and I feel very grieved to think that anybody out there (and especially any priests) would be promoting this and denying people the truth.

And yet we see from this message that God is merciful to these people too. He knows that they are trying to help the gay community and that they feel passionately about integrating them into the church. However God is asking that we look to Him, that we look to prayer and that as we integrate these people into the church that we do not lose sight of the universal call to holiness, prayer and sacrifice.

We must therefore teach people how to pray, how to develop a deep and personal relationship with Jesus, how to get inner healing for the wounds of the past, how to grow in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and in love with the sacraments and bring people to the true source of love that will fill their hearts in this life and bring them to heaven in the next.

Have a wonderful day and as we have a divine mercy day today in our church I promise to pray for you all and your intentions as well as for the church and gay community.