Good morning all from a rainy and gloomy London! Fortunately God’s love and mercy never stop shining and I must admit that I feel fantastic!

Yesterday we had a beautiful divine mercy day at our church. Thanks to Brenda Walsh and Msgr. Keith this is now a monthly thing and I know that it must please Jesus immeasurably and more especially being on a Friday, the day of His passion.

We had a beautiful mass, music, rosaries, a magnificent litany to the divine mercy, stations of the cross, a talk and at 3pm the divine mercy chaplet and we also had a bit of fun, at least I did!!

At times we don’t see what these afternoons of prayer do but in faith we believe that Jesus collects our prayers and uses them to bless other people all over the world and also to free souls from purgatory and He also continues to bless our own souls with more healing graces and blessings. Jesus is a generous God.

Yesterday I also wrote a blog in relation to God’s call for the gay community to both love and purity. To my relief I got s lot of positive feedback even though I know that talking about sexual purity to some is like putting a red rag to a bull!

And also the “God told me” approach infuriates some as they feel that they can’t argue back rationally!

Yet however God is also a rational God and is more than well able to explain Himself to anyone that will listen! He has no need of our explanations or approval to continue holding the universe in existence and to continue giving life and intelligence to those who write against Him and His ways!!

Anyway that said I do have a locution which I got back in 2017 on sexual purity and why it is so important to God and to the life of the soul whether gay or straight and so I invite you to read over it and pray over it and bring it to God in prayer if you struggle with it….

Chapter 13 Sexual Sin 

You are coming very near now to the end of one chapter of your life and to the beginning of the next – helping others overcome what you have overcome! 

Sexual sin is the one that does the most damage to the soul. Sensuality is powerful and so used incorrectly it can cause a great deal of damage.

Firstly I will remind you that my grace and mercy are above and beyond all sexual sin, there is no soul that I can’t or don’t desire to heal.

Every man and woman seeks love, they are made for love they have no choice! Yes, even the hardest of criminals seeks and needs love. This is a universal fact that cannot be changed.

Love is plural, taking its definition from me – God is Love, God is 3, Love is 3!

So you see, for love to exist there must be at least two people, Love is vulnerable & open, a complete giving of self.

Where people have been wounded by hurtful reactions to their love, their hearts close, just like a flower closes at night.  It is not that the hearts no longer desire love but rather they continue to desire love but are afraid to open.

If sin did not enter the world, this would never have happened. Every person’s love would have been in turn welcomed by love & people would grow tall in love like a sunflower growing taller & taller towards the sun!

The closed heart now searches for a ‘love substitute’ something that feels and tastes like love, but something that does not involve the possibility of being hurt by another person. 

And so enters lust. At the root of lust is self-deception. Deceiving oneself that lust is love. Lust is not love, it has the passing feelings of love, without any of the other characteristics.

It could be likened to a toxic poison that has been falsely labelled ‘Love’.

Lust does not lead to the other rejecting you, you have already rejected yourself and what you have been made for if you take lust as your companion.

Lust puts you at the center of the story, Lust makes you feel and believe that the other person loves you, desires you and wants you. But just as you are not giving your full self to the person that is the object of your lust, neither are they giving their full self to you! So ultimately you have two wounded people wounding each other even more, in the name of love.

God is the only person who can love you as you desire to be loved. That is why God walked & talked with both Adam & Eve! They were not alone and their love for each other came out of a love for and of me! I loved Eve through Adam and Adam through Eve and them both through my Father whose Spirit animated them.

Cut from grace Adam looked for fulfillment in Eve and Eve in Adam. Ultimately they could both only be disappointed. This is why there is a sacrament of Marriage, to ‘re-invite’ God into the union of which he was expulsed at the beginning of the creation of man! 

So you see, love is at the center of every person. Lust destroys love because lust is not God, it is a god replacement. God loves you as the apple of his eye. Lust pretends to love you on condition for giving away your body and human dignity.

And so you can see that God desperately desires us to seek love rather than lust which is entirely possible.

Imagine if people prayed instead of watching pornography, if people watched edifying and Holy movies rather than over sexualized rubbish, if people read spiritual books rather than wasting their time on nonsense, if people participated in retreats and healing weekends instead of lavish holidays and nights out on the town…..

You get the picture….if people saught love and God’s will and plan for their lives rather than the empty promises of the world.

And so you see we have a Jesus who loves us too much to let us swim in the filth of lust! He made us for love, for His love and in His divine mercy He once again reaches down to raise us up to Himself and so don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you differently and who comprises or tells you differently because ultimately they are not your friend and are selling you short and cheating you out of the true love that Jesus has to offer.

May your day be filled with love, by the love of Jesus and may His love purify our hearts and souls of any love substitutes that may be in us.



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