Good morning!

It’s raining cats and dogs here in London, the sky is grey and the looks on people’s faces is also gloomy.

Fortunately I was never affected by ‘sad’ (seasonal adjustment disorder), a type of depression linked to the weather….I just had ‘major depressive disorder’ to contend with!!

That said, when other people are gloomy the gloominess can spread at times like passive smoking and try to damper my otherwise good mood….even smiling at some people is enough to annoy them!!

Experiences like this remind us that we are all connected and our mood can either be like a horrible smoke that others around us have to inhale or ot can be like a beautiful smelling perfume!

Of course we’d all like both for our own sakes and for the sake of others to fall into the second category and this is what Jesus wants too!

He wants to fill our hearts and lives with His love that will then diffuse about the place and onto everyone we meet.

With this in mind I visited Jesus yesterday in the church and I saw Him falling over and crying. Then He spoke to me and this is what He said:

Write my child!

My pain is enormous today. It is Sunday, the day I set aside for humanity to come to me their maker and creator to give thanks, to pray and to be refreshed.

But the day of the Lord has become a day of sin. Truly I tell you that Sunday has been turned into Sinday with every sort of evil act being committed.

My churches lay bare, cold and empty for most of the day while my people pamper themselves with every sort of luxury.

Fewer and fewer receive me in a state of grace. It would be better for many if they did not receive me at all as they pile sin upon sin.

My priests no longer console (except a scarce few) often serving me out of duty rather than love.

My heart pines to pour our my love on you all, to bring you to the father, to revive you and save you from the darkness that has seduced you.

I beg of you to come to me with humble and broken hearts and allow me to use you whole there is still time.

Do not get discouraged my little ones. No saint in heaven ever regretted the sacrifices that they made on earth for me while purgatory screams regret for every missed opportunity to love and honour me while on earth.

I bless you now my child and fear not those who reject you and these messages for these are the souls who have also rejected me in their hearts.

Jesus is in agony to see the current darkness in the world, to see sin spreading like fire, to see people hurting and wounding eachother, to see little children who do not even know that He exists.

Jesus weeps bitter tears to see such coldness and anger in our world, such jealousy, bitterness, selfishness and unforgiveness that has enveloped us.

He desperately wants us to wake up and to acknowledge Him as God and for each individual to seek conversion and healing of their sinful and wounded hearts.

Jesus’ isn’t trying to guilt-trip us into praying, He wants to responsibilise us into praying and switch from the “have to” attitude to the “need to” attitude.

Without the love of Jesus there can never be true peace and happiness in the world and in people’s hearts and so we must live this ourselves as best we can and we must teach others to live it too.

And so as this week begins let us once again make a special effort to love Jesus, to console Jesus, to visit Jesus in the blessed sacrament, to talk to Jesus during the day and to share the love and way of Jesus to those whom we meet.

May the souls in purgatory who neglected prayer and Jesus intercede for us in a special way so that we may avoid the traps and errors that they fell into on earth.

“Jesus, I don’t want a dark and smokey heart, I desire to be like a sweet-smelling rose, heal me and change me so that I may be a blessing to everyone that I meet”.