Good morning!

This morning Jesus spoke to me about evangelisation..


Write and share my child.

Today I desire to speak to you about evangelisation and my thirst to make myself known to men.

First I want to remind you that God is love, everything that comes from God is love and so evangelisation is love.

Love created you out of nothing, love provided for your every need and love saved you when your first parents plunged you into sin.

Love by its very nature makes the first step because love reaches out, love gives, love shares.

Evangelisation is an extention of that love and so I ask you to allow me, Jesus, to love and to act through you and to expand your hearts beyond your own needs and cares and to reach out to others.

My children, you will only be able to love and to bring others to me to the extent that you know and love me.

Many say that they love me and work tirelessly for me and yet they don’t talk to me and share the tiredness and loneliness of their hearts with me. They don’t visit me during the day or think about me regularly like one thinks of a lover. They spend more time talking about me than talking to me.

My children, your first duty is to love me and to let me love you and to heal your aching hearts more and more. Only with this love will you have the strength to bring my love to the dark places because it will be me acting through you.

Without my supernatural love all your efforts of evangelisation will be in vain because it will not be me that you are bringing to others but yourselves.

You will not have the courage to speak about me and risk rejection. You will not have the courage to speak about spiritual realities such as heaven and hell and face ridicule and most of all you will not have the courage to speak about sin and repentance and face being despised.

Happy are you when you are hated for my sake for such is how the prophets were treated. Nothing has changed my children and you will indeed be hated by many as you bring my love to a cold and hard world.

Yet this is how you must earn your crowns in heaven. How easily so many of you give up and compromise so easily. Are you ready to throw your eternal happiness away so easily for a few passing years on earth?

My children and especially my priests, out of love I call you to prayer with your hearts. Spend time with me alone each day, pour our your worries, give me your lukewarmness and coldness and invite me to inflame you from the inside out with my Holy Spirit.

Be brave, be courageous and allow me to speak and act through you and use you to bring my love to people and places where I am unknown.

As usual the message is full of love and challenging at the same time. There is no escaping the cross, there is no escaping not being liked, there is no escaping ridicule and rejection and yet if we remain centred and focused on Jesus we can still be full or joy and happiness like the apostles were!

And as Jesus reminds us, this type of joy only comes from prayer because our human nature without prayer likes to be liked.

Let us once again recenter ourselves on Jesus and continue to bring Him our own brokenness and hardness of heart for ongoing healing and transformation so that we may be true carriers and messages of the gospel in today’s broken and cold world.

Have a great day!