Yesterday I wrote about this vision I had about same sex attraction and homosexuality.

Taking same sex attraction as the whole apple and homosexuality as the rotten half, this is what Jesus told me in relation to homosexuality some years ago while I lived in Medjugorje:

Chapter 5 Homosexuality

If you knew the war that you have won to be able to write this, you would be astonished. Perhaps the greatest evil, together with abortion, in today’s Church and world is the widespread acceptance of this lifestyle.

Homosexuality will never be accepted by heaven. In my infinite love i have an unquenchable mercy on those souls who find themselves drawn to those of the same gender. But can i tell them to throw caution to the wind and to embrace this as a lifestyle? No!

‘God made me this way’ they say. God did not make you this way! From all eternity God planned you perfect in every way, an image of him, splendor of creation. Through Adam and Eve’s sin all men were affected and so all men except my holy mother were and are born and conceived in some way broken. For some this is in the area of sexuality and it is one of the deepest forms of emotional and relational brokenness that a soul could suffer. My arms of love and mercy are extended wide, very wide to these souls.

Countless are those who have taken their lives unaware of my love and mercy. Many others feel rejected, judged and condemned by the Church, my Church. This is not pleasing to me. These special souls need more love, more care, more mercy than others, and so often what do they get? Rejection, shame, exclusion and fear.

I will not judge these souls harshly for each soul will be judged on what they know. But woe to the pastors of the flock, woe to so many of my priest and bishops who do not lift a finger to help them and worse still, some condone and participate in such acts.

As you can read, Jesus has a thrusting love for people experiencing homosexuality and desires His priests and bishops to help them but Jesus will never bless sexual acts between people of the same sex.

Now this does not mean that people of the same sex cannot be together because if it did then I’d be a terrible hypocrite writing all this and then having a same sex partner myself!!

It simply means that whether single or in a relationship, people experiencing same sex attraction are called to prayer and to sexual purity.

Obviously for this to happen a very loving, caring and pastoral church is needed to help people to live this which is why Jesus is appealing to His bishops and priests to act regardless of the backlash that they may get from the pro-gay militants.

And so this evening as we have a prayer evening for priests and bishops, I pray that they will have the courage to follow Jesus and to preach, teach and reach out in love, mercy and truth to all the struggling gay Catholics out there.

Lord have mercy on us all,