In Irish we say “tús maith, leath na hoibre” which means “a good start makes half the work and the healing day yesterday at Mary of the Angels was a tús an-mhaith ar fad!!!

The church was absolutely packed with people like we’ve never seen before with people from all over London and the third for prayer and for healing was palpable.

Brenda Walsh was like the head-mistress at a large school assembly trying to keep law and order as the people were pushing forward for prayers and blessings!

Accompanied by her team of ushers and cathchers she did a fantastic job and I’m sure she’ll be having a well earned rest today!

Now the ministry is called the ‘Queen of Peace’ healing ministry in honour of Our Lady of Medjugorje and it was a fantastic blessing for Séamus, Toni and I to see how Medjugorje is taking roots in London!!

The Holy Spirit has a funny way of working. Due to the lockdown last year a number of new people began coming go our parish and some of them were known already to us from Medjugorje. In fact I stayed in an apartment once belonging to a London based doctor while I lived in Medjugorje so you can imagine my surprise when a few years later I meet her again in London at our parish!! Our Lady has ways of building bridges and making connections all over world.

Another person that began to visit our parish was Brenda Walsh and with the same fiery Irish temperament and zeal for Jesus we all became friends in no time!!

And so it seems that God answered our prayers through Brenda who brought it all together with Monsignor Keith Baltrop a heck of a crowd.

And speaking of Monsignor Baltrop, besides Jesus he was the start of the show as he single handedly said a beautiful mass, heard countless confessions, held a eucharistic procession, anointed hundreds of sick people…..

Jesus has certainly given him a gift of strength as he ploughed through it all without so much as a care in the world!!

The only hiccup with the day was that there wasn’t enough time to bless each person individually! I don’t think that any of us were expecting such a big crowd.

However the good news is that this is just the beginning and it will all happen again next month on the second saturday of September!

As I was beside Monsignor as he was anointing the people I heard quite a few of the prayer requests from things like sick children to brain cancer and more.

One thing was very obvious and that was the desperate need for healing of people’s hearts and minds as they struggled with such heavy crosses.

We are all extremely grateful to Jesus and Mary for using our parish and each one of us to be a part of this wonderful ministry in various different ways and we ask of course for you to keep it in your prayers and to especially keep the sick in your prayers.

May Our Lady Queen of peace continue to bring healing to her children and may she bless us all abundantly on today, the feast of her assumption!