Good morning world. It really is the strangest weather here in London where it’s neither hot or cold nor sunny nor cloudy. One would never think that we were in the middle of August.

As I prayed last night in front of the Blessed Sacrament God spoke to me about the period of justice which has been prophesied all over the world by many seers and visionaries.

Before I share I will say that there is nothing to be gained for me by sharing these messages except possibly more ridicule! People in general and even a lot of catholic people find it very hard to accept that God would say anything other than “I love you all my little chickens” and so when someone speaks of His justice they often turn away.

This is understandable to a point because justice has often been presented to people in a sort of cold, hard and ruthless fashion that would frighten and breed fear.

While God’s justice is terrifying, we must remember that God is love and that His justice comes from a place of love for us.

And so with that in mind, here is what I received yesterday:

“Jesus & the Father

We talk to you tonight collectively and yet in one voice as we are united.

My child, you are now very much in the time of the great chastisements and what has come so far is only a few contractions before the real pains of labour.

Yes my child, in your lifetime you will witness events never seen before in history that will utterly transform the world.

There will be so much suffering, suffering beyond what you can imagine but rest assured, even during my justice I will refuse no repentant soul my mercy.

Justice and mercy are one for mercy is born out of justice through love. Just as I am three, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, so too am I justice, mercy and love.

Justice is not something harsh and wicked like it has been portrayed. Justice is about treating everyone fairly in accordance to what is due.

I am God, your creator and redeemer who holds you all in existence. Acknowledging my existence and my mercy and love for you is an act of justice.

Justice is always born out of truth and heaven, the place of eternal happiness is also a place of eternal justice!

Everyone in heaven knows their place, recognizes me as God and live in perfect harmony with me and with eachother. This is because heaven is a place of justice 

There is no fighting or arguing in justice. There is no doubt or confusion or second opinions. Justice is absolute in truth and in equity because I am its author.

My children, do not see this time of justice as my anger towards you but rather see it as my anger towards evil and my love for you.

My justice is now necessary to correct you, to humble a proud and rebellious humanity who have been seduced by Satan.

My desire is to restore true love and peace on earth and to establish a new era, an era of love.

You my little ones who pray and follow me now will be held in great esteem by future generations and through your sufferings and sacrifices will earn yourselves privileged places in heaven for all of eternity.

The sufferings that you endure on earth will seem like nothing in comparison to the eternal reward.

I ask you to keep very close to my chosen servant, your mother, Our Lady.

Medjugorje is real and her appearance and messages there are of critical importance for these times.

Love one another my little flock, support and encourage eachother and you will live to see the hand of God triumph over the terrible evils present today in your world.

I bless you all in a special way and hold you in my eternal heart of love.

And so as we start another week may we give thanks to God for the gift of life and may we once again surrender ourselves and our lives to His mercy while there is still time and most of all let us pray for those who do not believe in God and have no idea of what’s in store!

Have a wonderful week,