Good morning!

Today we celebrate Our Lady of Knock and with the significant Irish community at our church, we’re sure to celebrate in style.

The Knock apparition was a silent apparition that lasted for hours with people of all ages standing and watching in the rain!

Do these silent hours with Jesus on the altar remind you of anything???!

It is an obvious reminder of adoration of the eucharist where just like in the apparition, Mary and Joseph, the angels and the saints are present helping us and interceding for us!

The hours were in silence because there was no need for words as I’m sure the crowd gazed on what they were seeing with awe and gratitude.

The crowd was a mixture of ages to remind us that Jesus calls everyone to pray and to adore Him.

Obviously I could go on but you get the picture! This apparition was the same as many others in that it points us to prayer and to Jesus and yet different to many others because it was like a live tutorial on how to pray!

In Medjugorje where Our Lady appeared 100 years later she once again calls people to prayer, to spending time with Jesus in the Blessed sacrament just like that hour of adoration in Knock.

This is the beautiful thing about Our Lady and her revelations in different places. While they are all slightly different in style, the core of the messages is ALWAYS the same.

And what is that?!

Prayer of course

And so today you may not be able to go to Knock or to Medjugorje but it doesn’t matter, visit Jesus in your local church and if there is adoration then why not stay an hour if you can just like that hour those simple unsuspecting Irish people spent adoring Jesus in the rain over 100 years ago.

And that failing, we can now adore Jesus online also through the internet thanks to the many places offering live streaming.

And so I wish you all a very blessed feast day of Our Lady of Knock and may she pour out graces of prayer and adoration on us all and may we be generous to respond in love!

Our Lady of Knock, pray for us.