Good morning from rather a cold London!

Yesterday we had a wonderful mass in honour of Our Lady of Knock and the evangelical joy spilt over to our local coffee shop as we continued to give thanks to Jesus and Mary for all they have done for us.

Of course anywhere there is Jesus blessing us we can be pretty sure that old Satan isn’t far away trying to spoil the fun like a jealous child and yesterday the old snake did his best to mess up the music ministry and cause mayhem. Fortunately it didn’t work and God brought even more good out of it through the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Another area where there is much division is in relation to the vaccination. Now I’ve kept pretty out of all the discussions about whether people should or shouldn’t take it but just to put my cards on the table, I have not taken it because Jesus told me not to.

He didn’t tell me why or ask me to talk much about it which is why I don’t but Sunday I was confronted with a catholic lady who asked me if I was vaccinated!

When I said no she asked why and immediately I knew there was a storm brewing.

I spend my life doing evangelisation and not vaccinisation but this person was as determined to sell me the vaccine as I was to bring her to the heart of Jesus.

“I don’t trust the government and besides, Jesus is protecting me” I replied calmly knowing that behind this calm reply was the potential to begin a war!

‘Rubbish she retorted” clearly not turning her tongue the biblical seven times in her mouth before replying.

She then went on to tell me how as a catholic that it was my duty to get it to protect others….

Talk about emotional manipulation at this point!

Calmly I told her that I had no intention of getting it and that if she didn’t feel safe she could step back two meters from me.

I cut the conversation at this point before it escalated and was quite happy to leave.

It’s so sad that there is such division in the church and in the world and that after mass this should be the conversation rather than praising Jesus and praying for the world.

And yet these arguments are inevitable as we will be provoked and taunted into giving a reply and then often mocked for our faith!

Now she picked the wrong person to argue with with me because after almost 15 years of living on providence and having dreams and visions not to mention LGBT ministry …I’m well used to standing my ground and being different.

And so there you have it, any of us walking by faith will surely face similar problems whether it has to do with the vaccination or something else entirely and we must learn from this that we can’t and won’t be friends with everybody and that at times we will lose friends over these things while gaining others!

At the end of the day each one of us must follow our consciences and while we can share our views and opinions with others in an effort to change their outlook, we can never force them.

And that means that this lady should not have tried to force me into getting the vaccination nor should I have tried to force her into a deeper spiritual life (which I didn’t).

Even God doesn’t force and while He presents all the facts to souls, if they still refuse Him He won’t force them to go to heaven!

So praise God for the gift of faith filled and spirit filled friends who are aware of the times that we live in and may we pray for the secularised catholics who laugh at the workings of the Holy Spirit that their eyes be opened to the true healing power of prayer and of the terrible corruption and evil in the world going on under their very noses!

Have a great day!