When I lived in Ireland a few years back a friend of mine very kindly brought me to a place called “Holy Hill”.

It was a little Carmelite monastery tucked away in the Irish countryside off the beaten track. Subsequently I spent a week there on a little spiritual retreat!!

Anyway yesterday I believe that I stumbled upon “Unholy Hill”.

What is it?

Well I’m tempted to be rude and call call it a big pile of sh!te to be honest but trying my best to refrain myself it’s the Marble Arch Mound located at Marble Arch in central London!

In every way it’s different from Holy hill! It’s in the middle of the city rather than the quiet of the countryside. It’s ridiculously ugly as opposed to the natural beauty of the Irish hills, it cost millions rather than the simplicity of monastic life…..

It really is a terrible eye soar and an horrendous waste of money. It’s so bad it’s comical! The grass is barely green, the plants look like weeds, the scaffolding is still visible as you walk up and once you get to the top there isn’t much to see and besides the buildings across the road are higher!!

At times one does wonder how such rubbish gets commissioned? Who decides and who makes money out of it?

Apparently it was a company from Rotterdam that designed this monstrosity. I dare say that my dad, an Irish farmer would have done a far better job and I’m sure at a cheaper rate too!!

It seems that wherever we turn our heads that there is corruption at every corner with the big boys squandering the pennies of the poor.

If the general public had been informed of this project and the cost involved there is no doubt that it would have been rejected. As it stands there have been so many complaints that the entrance fee was scrapped but the 6 million it reportedly cost to construct is gone.

Yet again we see injustice at work with misinformation, lack of transparency and consultation and the rotten fruits of dissatisfaction, complaints and once again financial investigations.

So anyway with all that in mind let us thank God that He doesn’t charge us too see the beautiful mountains and lakes that He created for us and let us pray for those who spend money on these projects, that they will seek the common good rather than lining the pockets of the rich.

Have a great day and if you want to watch my little video as I climbed the mound, here is the link: