Good morning!

It’s Friday and Jesus is asking me to continue praying for priests and encouraging others to pray for them and love them too.

As such I continue to share some of the messages that I received in Medjugorje.

This one is about lonely priests….

“Our Lady 

My dear child, I see your pain and anguish today. I am with you. What you are experiencing is what many of my priests are also experiencing, loneliness. 

The human heart is made for love, one never outgrows this desire to love and to be loved. Being loved means being accepted, being wanted, being welcomed. 

Many of my priests feel most unloved. In today’s secular society many hate the priest because they hate the teachings of the church which they consider to be old fashioned.

Instead of being loved and welcomed, many times the priest is mocked and rejected.

The priest is also a man. He too has all the human needs and weaknesses of any man. He has a family of origin: mother, father, brothers and sisters whom he loves. Many times my priests are misunderstood by their own families, some even ridiculed by those who understand not their calling. This can cause very great pain to my chosen men.

There is no greater pain of the human heart than the pain of rejection, and even worse when it’s from those who one loves most. Many priests have elderly parents whom they love and care for. So often the laity forget these things and do not pray and support my priests enough. 

My priests have their human weakness too, vices, painful memories, illnesses of body, mind and soul.

The priesthood is like an immaculate coat placed on a poor man! The coat is perfect, the man is not!!

Many of my priests get discouraged, they feel terribly the weight of their imperfections. They feel unworthy and often depressed and lonely.

One cannot repeat often enough that God does not call the perfect and the poor priest must not feel alone in his shortcomings. My son is mercy, how much mercy will He show to His chosen ones, His priests if they turn to him? 

My priests are called to prayer, to spiritual transformation, to dying to self. Death only happens in pain. Consider a man dying, one cannot take his pain away but one can support and love him through it. And such it is with the spiritual life. One cannot take the pain of the cross away, a certain emptiness and loneliness that only God can fill, but one can love, support and encourage the priest through various trials and more importantly one can silently pray for his holiness and perseverance. 

Continue to pray for priests and to encourage them. Allow them to love and encourage you also. You are not alone. 

I bless you with my motherly love

Your heavenly mother and friend 

Queen of Priests