Yesterday was Friday and as I sat in Eucharistic Adoration at Saint Mary of the Angels Our Lady spoke to me about the gift of the priesthood.

The gift of the priesthood

Our Lady 

Write my child and be not afraid!

The priesthood is an extraordinary gift bestowed by God on certain souls. This gift is free just as I was freely given the gift of being the mother of Jesus.

Every unmerited gift must lead the recipient of the gift to both gratitude and humility.

No priest was ever chosen by God because he was better than anybody else. It is a free and utterly unmerited gift.

Like every gift, there is a cost or responsibility involved. A mother who has a child must make many sacrifices to raise the child and yet when she does this with love, the sacrifices seem ever so small in comparison to the gift.

The priesthood is similar. When a man fully understands the gift of the priesthood then the cost and the sacrifices involved seem small.

Sadly Satan sets to work in discouraging my priests by undermining their priesthood and exaggerating the sacrifices involved just like he did to your first parents.

This is where my priests must keep close to me, they must keep close to Jesus and they must keep focused on who they are and the extraordinary and important nature of their mission.

How I desire my priests to know their significance, to know and understand the importance of their positions, to understand and to believe in the power of their prayers and the value of their teachings.

Many of my priests are at the point of despair. They have been worn down and confused by the cloud of doubt and compromise all over your world and church.

They have become like polluted water, no good to drink and dangerous to others.

Do not judge my children. I desperately desire to restore these priests, to heal their hearts and minds and to clarify their thinking. I desire to make them like fresh living waters that refresh all those who meet them.

This is why I ask you to pray for my priests and to be aware of the snares that some of them have fallen into.

You may wonder why I ask simply lay people to pray for my priests, people who have received a lot less education than my priests.

The answer is simple: simplicity. Much education has led to much confusion and doubt. I delight in choosing simple and uneducated lay people to call my shepherds back to the simplicity of their mission, love.

Pray, pray, pray my little children. Pray for your priests and let not your hearts get discouraged for I your heavenly mother have a plan that will restore my son’s church to holiness and prayer.

I bless you my little children and thank each one of you who humbly and quietly respond to my motherly messages.

Our Lady, 

Mother of priests

And so today with this in mind, let us pray and make little offerings and sacrifices for priests that they may be Holy and full of the love of God and the sacraments and bring as many people as possible to lives of holiness and wholeness.

Let us pray in particular for those priests who have become lost or are struggling with their vocations in these times. May Jesus and Mary heal them in hearts and minds and open them to understanding how much they are treasured by God.

And finally a prayer for those priests who left the priesthood and who never really understood with their hearts the gift that they were given. That they will find peace in their hearts and be healed of all bitterness, regrets, shame etc.

Have a great day!