My child. Continue to write!

The human heart is like a garden with many different types of plants. Due to the effect of original sin, the soil starts off arid and prone to the growth of weeds but through baptism I pour fresh waters on these soils and begin planting beautiful flowers.

The flowers are the fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self control.

In the early years souls are too small to water the garden of their own souls which is why they need the loving help and support of their parents who teach them just as they help them to walk.

Prayer and perseverance are essential and the most important ingredient is holiness of the people around them. Just as little children learn their native language through imitation, holiness is also picked up more from example than from lessons.

As the child grows older he/she learns to look after his/ her own garden through simple things like prayer, forgiveness and acts of charity.

Any garden that isn’t looked after will sadly become a garden of weeds or a garden or sin.

The hose pipe that waters the garden is the human mind. With the mind you can chose to pour living waters on the gardens of your souls through prayer, spiritual reading and holy thoughts.

However with the mind you can also chose to pour hardening concrete on your souls in the form of every sort of unholy readings and imagery imaginable.

The result is that either your soul will become a beautiful garden of mature and beautiful flowers or it will become a hardened pit of evil.

And this my children is where you must be on your guard and where you must be vigilant because no soul becomes holy or unholy without the consent of the person in question.

Yes my children, even Satan cannot force you to sin although he can do very much to encourage you and similarly even though I be God without your ‘yes’ I will force none of you to go to heaven.

And so you see my little children. I have given you freedom and choice and a soul to care for just like a garden.

Be not afraid! Even the hardest concrete can be broken through the power of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is never too late to start again.

I implore you to dedicating your lives to holiness for the garden you sow on earth is the same garden that you will look after in eternity.

Come back to me with all your hearts and I will teach you how to be magnificent and beautiful souls of fresh and healing virtues bringing love and life to all.”