Good morning!

Well it comes as a surprise to nobody that the whole are of sexuality and the priesthood has come under a lot of fire in recent years especially with all the scandals etc.

Years ago it was perhaps naively assumed that once ordained, a priest had no more sexual desires as if somehow they had disappeared as the bishop ordained him. This type of naive thinking ultimately did no favours to either the priest or the people as inevitably the truth would come out some day….

Anyway Our Lady spoke to me about some of these issues some years ago when I lived in Medjugorje. In fact as I recall I spent 6 months almost praying exclusively for priests when I lived there and suffering the consequences too!!!

Satan hates when we pray for priests and he wasn’t long in finding ways to attack me through misunderstandings and gossip and more but nonetheless I persevered and Our Lady looked after me through one of her chosen priests and a few other good people.

Ok ok, I’ll share now what Our Lady said:

Our Lady 

Thank you for writing, be at peace. Many others are aware of these issues. 

One of the biggest crisis hitting the priesthood today is the crisis of celibacy. Many people and even many priests and Bishops no longer believe in celibacy. They believe that without sexual intimacy that a priest cannot be happy and is bound to live a life of unfulfillment and loneliness. 

Once again my child this is the fruit of the main crisis in the Church, the crisis of faith! More attention is paid nowadays to modern day ‘experts’ in psychology than experts in the spiritual life. Psychology largely excludes the spiritual and paints all human beings in the same light. 

The man called to the priesthood cannot be treated the same as the man called to marriage. God will never ask someone to do something without giving the grace to do it! 

With a true life of prayer, celibacy is not only possible but can be truly joyful and even more fulfilling than married life. Spiritual intimacy is over and above sexual intimacy which is why Jesus said that in heaven you will be like angels. 

Spiritual transformation, a real living relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit is the solution to priestly fullfullment and satisfaction! 

Let those who can hear understand. There will be many scoffers but be reassured that if the souls of priests in purgatory could come back and minister on earth again they would shout from the rooftops the importance of trusting in the tradition of the Church and returning to prayer and repentance on the narrow road to the kingdom. 

Be not afraid. Nobody has ever been disappointed who followed my instructions and eternal rewards in heaven with God. 

Pray, pray for your priests. 

Queen of priests 

In this short message Our Lady isn’t saying that celibacy is easy but she is saying that it is both possible and fulfilling for the priest who is called to it.

She is warning us not to compare the priesthood to marriage and to use modern day psychology to explain away celibacy but rather to seek correct spiritual direction and guidance from experts in these fields and to leave the scoffers to her!

And so today let us pray for all priests struggling with their vows of celibacy, that they may receive the right help, support and spiritual direction and become the happy priests that Jesus and Mary desire them to be.

Bless your day,