Death, death death….it seems that wherever we turn that we are faced with death these days.

Death from Covid, death from vaccinations, deaths in Afghanistan…

What is God telling us because it’s not science-fiction, we’re not at the movies, it’s not a dream….this is real life and not only that but one day it will be you and I!

As I sat in church yesterday after a funeral God spoke to about death. This is what He said:

Heavenly Father 

My dear child. Times of death are also great times of grace.

Grace to thank God for the gift of life, grace to restructure one’s life and reorder one’s priorities, grace to repent, to reconcile and to start again.

How few people turn to me in spite of death touching them directly and how many harden even more after the death of a friend or a loved one.

My little one, have no fear of death because for a true believer death is something to be looked forward to with hope and joy.

Only attachment to worldly things block this joy.

Today I ask you to pray for the families who lost loved ones, that they will commend them and their own lives to my love and mercy and no longer fear that inevitable day when they too will be called.

And so it seems that death is all about us like a giant mirror begging us to wake up and get ready.

Our heavenly father is imploring us to be wise, to convert our lives today, to go back to him, to go back to the church, to go back to prayer and to have our lives in order for that inevitable day just like Pedro who devoted his life to Jesus and died of cancer at such a young age

God is also clearly saddened that despite all these warnings and reminders all around us that so few people actually change and convert. In fact he describes the opposite happening and that they get even harder.

Who are we to judge? Nobody! However what we can do is pray and preach and witness by our lives and examples that death is something amazing and wonderful for the man who is reconciled and prepared but is a woeful day for those who have ignored the signs and will meet their maker empty handed.

So let’s pray for conversions of more hearts as we look forward to the day that we will go home to Dad.

Blessings to all!


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