It’s Friday and that day that I always seem to pray for priests that little but more.

Today’s posting is a delicate one because it’s about a very current issue; gay priests. Recently there has been quite a bit of a stir about gay priests being found on grindr (a gay meeting app).

Again this topic is one of those very delicate ones as God is love, mercy and truth and while he loves his priests regardless of their sexual orientation, he also desires to bring them to the truth and to live Holy lives.

When in Medjugorje some years back Jesus spoke to me about this topic very clearly. At a first glance it may seem harsh but perhaps the language used is also to reflect the seriousness of this subject.


My dear child, trust in my protection. I am placing people around you to help you. 

One of the greatest evils within the priesthood is the widespread practice of homosexual activity. ‘Love the sinner, hate the sin’ is as valid today as ever. The sin is not in having homosexual desires, the sin is acting on them and in many cases acting on them and refusing church teaching that it is sinful. 

Sexual sin stains the soul like no other and any priest living an active homosexual life cannot have a close relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus has infinite mercy on His priests. However there is no mercy without truth which is why again and again we are calling our priests back to the truth. The practice of homosexuality is evil, very evil and it is highly offensive to the Father who desires the best for His children. 

I desire not to elaborate any more on this point. The truth is plain and simple! Continue to pray for your priests and world which grows ever darker. 

Worry not about your future, you are secure in my hands. 

Now it’s worth breaking this down a bit. Jesus is referring specifically here to priests who live sexually active gay lives and do not see the problem. They don’t go to confession about it, they don’t see it as sinful and they laugh at the notion of chastity.

There may be many gay priests out there struggling with chastity and falling at times but Jesus is not referring to them here. Anyone who is struggling or fighting for sexual purity is pleasing to Jesus and He will never stop forgiving and helping them as long as they are sincere and persevere on their journey to holiness, picking themselves up every time they fall.

Jesus also says that one cannot have a close relationship with the Holy Spirit and practice such a lifestyle. What he means here is that the power and drive of homosexuality is strong and often people who jump into that lifestyle get very driven by sexual desires and of course then this forms a kind of obsession, blocking them from the call of the Holy Spirit to prayer etc.

Anyway, it is what it is! I’m just the messenger at the end of the day but let’s remember that God is love and mercy and he desires to call all his priests back onto the right track and especially His chosen priests.

So today, let us pray for gay priests who are either struggling or have abandoned the call to sexual purity. That they may receive the graces of wisdom, fortitude, perseverance and repentance for all sexual sins committed as priests and most of all that they may trust even more in the mercy of Jesus who is always ready to forgive have give us a fresh start.