Hello to everyone!

This morning I had an early start as the Holy Spirit called me on a little pilgrimage to Aylesford organised by a polish group of priests here in London.

My guardian angel woke me up at 6am and I had just enough time to shower, cycle to Shepherd’s Bush where I was meeting my friend Eddie and jump on the central line to Ealing Broadway where the coach was leaving.

I still use no watch or alarm as Jesus has always asked me to rely entirely on Him and His timing!!

Anyway as Jesus would have it we arrived just on time and one of the pilgrims offered to pay for my ticket (£30). It’s amazing how as we step out in faith how Jesus steps in!!

So here we are on the bus with a really nice prayerful group and a fun youthful priest from Poland….praise God!!

The Aylesford priory is run by the Carmelites and to be honest I don’t know much more about it! I’ll tell you tomorrow once I find out.

Yet all the fun and adventure aside, today is a day of work too, working for Jesus.

It is so easy to forget that prayer can be work too and as we go on pilgrimages and pray masses and rosaries etc. for our families and the world that in Gods eyes this is just as important and more as the business executives dressed in their suits and ties!

Often in today’s world we need to remind ourselves of this reality as the voices of the world try to tell us that everything is about being productive and contributing to society in tangible ways that usually do not include prayer or any love or mention of Jesus.

And so on that note I will finish for today! No matter what your situation and regardless of where you are or what clothes you wear or car you drive, remember that in God’s eyes that you have great dignity and that today you can unite your life and prayers to His divine mercy which in the light of eternity will contribute far more to the world than a top professional executive who in all his intelligence has forgotten about his soul.

“Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

Prayers promised for you all!