Good evening guys!

Today we had a very blessed day with almost the whole gang of us going to a beautiful divine mercy mass and adoration with the Marian Fathers at Ealing Broadway.

Afterwards we all went for a coffee and it was quite special for Seamus, Toni, Eddie, Rayne and I to be all gathered together as faithful and grateful LGBT catholics.

Since coming to London we found two gay catholic groups, one called courage and the other called LGBT Westminster and while we have attended both we haven’t really found our place in either!

The courage group is very prayerful and faithful to the sacramental life of the church but sadly many who attend still carry a lot of fear and shame around their same sex orientation and so lack in the freedom of the Spirit.

We found LGBT Westminster to be the opposite with everyone “out” but a lack of focus on prayer and the sacraments and again the joy of the Spirit.

And so without disrespecting either it has become obvious to us that Jesus is calling us to starting our own LGBT ministry which takes a bit of the wisdom of courage, a bit of LGBT Westminster with a flavour of Medjugorje.

This is just a sample poster but it’s the general idea. We desire the emphasis to be on the love of God as Our Lady speaks of in Medjugorje which in turn brings us to self acceptance and to prayer and purity of heart, mind and body.

In Medjugorje Our Lady calls us to be apostles of love and to bring the love of Jesus to those who don’t know it yet and in the divine mercy prayer we constantly pray for “those in most need of thy mercy”.

With astronomical suicide rates and mental health problems in the LGBT community, what better way and place to put the calling of Jesus and Mary into practice.

Of course this ministry is bound to be controversial. After all we were not well treated by many people in Medjugorje when we lived there and the church authorities failed to help and protect us perhaps fearing scandal or simply a fear of the unknown…

Anyway, regardless of all this we must continue to follow Jesus and to be obedient to this very specific ministry that He has given us.

The plan is to have an evening of prayer once per month and for it to be a place where gay Catholics or their concerned parents or friends can come for prayer, celebration of the sacraments, intercession for the world and some Christian fellowship afterwards.

Once again I will clarify that we believe that LGBT Catholics can be in same sex relationships if they choose but we do believe in the teachings of the catholic church in relation to striving for sexual purity.

We believe that the merciful hearts of Jesus and Mary are using us broken vessels to bring the healing and freeing love and joy of God to the gay community and confident in Our Lady of Medjugorje’s love and protection we are placing this new venture under her mantle of protection knowing that she loves us and that she has called us despite what anyone else might say.

So please keep this project in your prayers and please continue to pray for us as we venture forward in this ministry that attracts much controversy and troubles despite the desperate need for it!