Today is a ‘first Friday’ and in many places there will be special masses for the divine mercy and first Friday devotional.

These days are special days of grace when Jesus bestows more blessings than usual on the world.


My heart is open wide today with so many Graces of love and mercy for the whole world.

Happy, so happy the souls that promote my mercy and spread the work of mercy around the world.

These souls provide relief to my aching heart and their prayers rise up to heaven like sweet smelling incense.

What joy there is to be found in my mercy! Joy, freedom, forgiveness and the true peace that all of humanity it looking for. 

My mercy is without judgement, it is pure and absolute forgiveness and acceptance into my divine life.

It is beyond anything that you can humanly fathom or conceive and what begins now on earth will continue into eternity.

To be loved so much by God your creator that He would take flesh and die for you is a mystery that in heaven will fill souls with ecstatic joy.

Think of a baby smiling and secure in its parents arms and yet this is nothing in comparison to how much I love and desire to protect each one of you.

The only thing that blocks souls from receiving my love into their hearts is fear. Satan’s main weapon is fear and he uses it well to keep souls away.

Fear of judgement, fear of the unknown, fear of being tricked, fear of losing your freedom……

Tell everyone to have no fear, I came to the world as an innocent little baby full of love and I desire to come into each one of your hearts in the same way.

Even the most hardened of sinners know how to love a little baby and so even the most hardened of sinners can love me and walk with me on the journey of conversion and prayer.

My heart thirst for sinners, today bring me the most hardened of sinners, that I may love them and show them what they are really looking for.

I bless in a special way all my apostles of mercy today and guarantee you my protection as you carry out this work.

Pray, pray, pray!

Your brother and redeemer,


Perhaps you can’t get to mass today but if not, try as best you can to take some time around 3pm to pray the divine mercy chaplet.

If you don’t know the words you can follow along with this video.

Blessings to all,