Good afternoon!.

For almost a year now Rayne and I have desired to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham which in true Our Lady style is in the middle of nowhere and not very easy to get to.

Anyway on September 11th, one week from today we will be going with a group from the London Oratory where since meeting we often go for mass.

It seems timely that we are going there as it would be nice to consecrate our LGBT ministry to Our Lady here as we move forward with our plans for a monthly Medjugorje-LGBT mass and evening of prayer.

Speaking of prayer, Séamus had his weekly prayer meeting last night where he shared a powerful message which he received from Our Lady….and yes, in case you were wondering…he hears her too!!

Our Lady Café Nero Westbourne Grove Bayswater Notting Hill London 03/09/21

My child I chose you in these times also to be a messenger among your LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

I chose you to be in this special relationship that you are in. This is to lead and show these special children of God how to be in a relationship with God at the centre and that through the sacraments of the church and by being examples and apostles of love you can achieve pure and holy lives worthy of heaven.

You can be in relationships with members of the same sex and still live lives of chastiy and purity. God gives you the grace to try and cooperate.

You are the blueprint of this way my child and God wants you to pass it on to those who are willing and those who are listening.

God wants these souls to be in community and to be in the structure of his church and not pushed to the side-lines.

My sons church is inclusive and is not and never will be exclusive to anyone.

Today is the beginning of a new era for God’s LGBTQ children and it is just that they come to know the path thst God has laid out for them.

They don’t need to be exorcised or to be given conversion therapies. They need love, pastoral care, support from preists, bishops and laity. They need to be around People simular to them so they can be integrated and accepted and only then and only I this way can they even begin their path to conversion.

This is the only way to love and I have shown and been with you my child you teach and show you how.

I now bless this prayer meeting with my motherly blessing and God the father will bless it and your ministry very powerfully and all watching and who will watch.

Beautiful and I must admit that it comes as a relief that today’s message comes from Séamus and not me as I get a day away from the firing line.

Obviously not everyone will be comfortable with this message or with Our Lady’s plans for gay people and yet that’s ok. Not everyone can understand and yet with time and with prayer and with understanding I’m sure many will come to see how this is a gift from God to our church to pastorally address the LGBT issue while keeping the appropriate moral boundaries.

And so today here in London as there is a “march for life” against abortion we are challenged as Catholics to practice what we preach and not only to protect the lives of the unborn but also to love and protect the lives of the already born that don’t quite fit the mould.

After all, there would be little point in fighting for the life of a little baby to be born only to reject it and drive it to suicide years later if it turned out to be gay or transgender…..

Our Lady of Walsingham, please teach us how to love and respect each life and bring God’s plans for them to fruition.

Have a wonderful day!