Good morning! Yesterday evening I offered mass for the souls in purgatory of atheists. Of course there are no atheists in purgatory because those that were atheists on earth and made it to purgatory have had their eyes opened wide and are praying and imploring the mercies of God more than any of us!

This morning Jesus spoke to me more on the topic.


Don’t be afraid. Today I desire to speak to you about atheism, the cancer of your modern world that has spread so far and wide now that the entire body of humanity is gravely sick.

The great purification on your world will be like aggressive chemotherapy on a cancer patient. The entire body will be affected and many healthy cells will die as well as the unhealthy ones. These will be martyrs.

Very great trials and times are ahead of you which is why I renew once again my calling to you to pray and offer sacrifices for the conversion of as many hearts as possible.

The atheists in purgatory who converted on their deathbeds suffer the most of all other groups because they have nobody to pray for them.

From purgatory they implore the prayers of those on earth that they persecuted so harshly. They thirst with all their hearts to be in heaven united with me, Jesus, the same Jesus they hated and denied and scorned all their lives!

Such are the mysteries of God and His mercy who will reject no human being that converts with a sincere heart.

Pray my children for the conversion of sinners. They may not be grateful in this life but they will be eternally grateful in the next and those in purgatory will help you in a very special way when you pray and offer sacrifices for their souls.

As usual quite a sobering message and yet one filled with hope, hope for the purification and conversion of the world and even more hope for the eternal joys of heaven and yet a scary reminder that this change will not occur without great purifications and sufferings.

And so today let us thank God for the gift of faith that He has given us through His mercy and that we have been converted and awakened on this side of eternity.

At the same time let us pray for the souls of atheists who are now in purgatory and for the conversion of those atheists on earth who without fully realising it kick and scream against the very God who in the end is their only hope for happiness.