Good evening from a really hot sunny London. Last week was like winter and today we’ve had 29c with clear sunny skies.

An ideal day to spend with Rayne and enjoy the gifts of love and life given to us by God!

And speaking of love and life, today in front of the Blessed Sacrament I received a beautiful message from Jesus in relation to same sex relationships.

It”ll probably make some people’s stomachs turn and Jesus sort of forewarned that but hey. It is what it is and at the end of the day I’m just the messenger. If anyone has a problem then I guess they need to take it up with Jesus and then show Him their solution to bringing the LGBT to full life!


Write my child and be not afraid of those who will not agree with you or say that these messages are not from me. Was I not crucified on earth also for being a false profit and if I were to come again do you think that I would not be crucified?

I tell you that I would be treated more badly now than I was over 2000 years ago.

My child, I call you on this special road of leading LGBT people as you put it to the fullness of life both humanly and spiritually while reconciling them and integrating them into the catholic church.

It is something new and something that has been attempted many times and yet never successfully at an international level.

The turning point and key of understanding is rather simple. You must distinguish and differentiate between ‘same sex attraction’ and homosexuality.

Same sex attraction is a broad and umbrella term that covers many aspects of ‘attraction’ or love including the sexual attraction or homosexuality as you call it.

Attraction to the same sex is not evil, if it were then would I not be deemed as evil when I Ioved my apostles?

Your society has demonized and sexualised same sex attraction and labelled it all as evil and disordered.

This is a very grave mistake and a mistake that has cost very many people their lives and their freedom and happiness.

My church is a work in progress and over the  centuries has made very many errors while at the same time she has saved multitudes of souls.

Like a slow moving ship she is slow to change but little by little she does change.

I am leading her and guiding her forward in this area and like with any change, there is disruption, fear and complaining as people cling to what is familiar.

It is perfectly possible for people with same sex attraction to live very happy, holy and fulfilled lives.

Every human being is drawn to love and my desire for these people is not to be alone.

Love is not a sin, intimacy is not a sin, happiness is not a sin and most of all joy is not a sin.

I desire ALL my people to be people of joy and joy comes from loving and rejoicing in ones identity while giving thanks to God its author.

Where there is shame there can be no joy. Where there is fear there can be no joy and where there is guilt there can be no joy.

I desire no soul to experience shame, fear or guilt because of who they are and how I made them.

On the contrary, I desire each and every soul to fully embrace who they are and to let their love, light and joy shine for the whole world to see.

My child, I am calling you to being both bold and strong and to be a witness of love and purity to the world.

Fear nothing for I am guiding your steps and placing more and more people around you to help and support you on this beautiful and vital mission that will become a bright light of hope to so many people.

Many will disagree with you my child and accuse you of causing calumny and disruption and guiding souls astray. Take no notice. Many of those who speak the loudest on my behalf do not know me and deceive both themselves and others.

Continue on your mission my child and worry not about defending yourself. I will give you the words to say when needed.

I bless you and Rayne now and encourage you to travel to Bath this evening!

Your forever friend

Jesus “

What a beautiful message of love, hope, unity, diversity and for the church and world and what a privilege for me to be used by Jesus to bring this message of love and hope to the world and at the same time what backlash I’m likely to face!!

Pray, pray, pray for open hearts to hear the words of Jesus and willing minds to put them into practice.

Joy to all this evening as we journey to Bath to visit Jane Austin and other celebrities!!!