Some places seem to have a certain hype about them, whether it’s the Eiffel Tower in Paris or swimming with dolphins there is a certain subliminal message that suggests that your life will never be the same again!

Growing up in rural Ireland I couldn’t wait to get away and to spread my wings and find happiness!

I visited many places including the Eiffel Tower, New York etc. and each time I’d say “is that it?!!”

In fact the only thing that ever blew me away and surpassed all my expectations was something that I found on the inside, the love and presence of Jesus and His love and the mysteries of heaven! Spiritual sight-seeing with Jesus blew my mind and unlike the tourism industry, didn’t blow my budget.

That said every now and then Jesus sends me on a trip and shows me some places. I’m not much of a tourist to be honest but I go when he tells me.

The last trip was yesterday when Rayne and I went to Bath.

I’ve heard of Bath in books by Jane Austin. I’m not much of a reader either but painfully I had to study two of her books in school for both my junior and leaving certificate. How she couldn’t write in plain english ever amused me and only gave me a further hatred for my least favourite subject in school, english!

So we arrived in snobby snobby land of Jane Austen and sophistication with high expectations which weren’t long being crushed.

The city itself is beautiful but the people were just so miserable.

From the hostel which would give Ryanair a run for its money in charging for every little extra to the filthy McDonald’s to the louts on the street, the place was a real disappointment.

Perhaps it’s to do with wealth. Often where there is wealth there is little heart and ironically the one place we did find a little bit of heart was in an old museum beside the catholic church.

It was a museum displaying the works of a factory that made both carbonated drinks and metallic objects and it really was like a step back in history.

It boasted none of the riches of the city or of Jane Austen’s fairy land but rather the simplicity and ordinariness of every day life and hard work.

The guy at the reception was friendly and helpful too, the only kind person we actually met there!!

At times I ask Jesus why He asks me to go to such places that honestly seem to be both a waste of time and money and he replies ‘trust, your obedience pleases me more than any amount of prayers’.

It’s true that we don’t always understand Jesus but we should always obey him nonetheless because he teaches us in mysterious ways and if there is one thing that I will take from Bath, it’s that I love London and am very grateful for all the support and friends that I have there!!

And so as my bus arrives in London on this September 8th on the feast of Our Lady’s birthday I thank Jesus and God that regardless of any earthly destination such as Paris or Bath, that there is one destination that I believe with all my heart that will never disappoint me and that’s heaven!

Let us cast our eyes and hearts on the things of God and not let ourselves be seduced by the temporary pleasures and empty sophistications of this world which are all passing!

Gotta cycle home now 🤣🤣🤣