Good morning from London, home sweet home. We left Jane Austen in Bath with her friends!

A few days ago I wrote a message from Jesus regarding same sex relationships which with prayer can be lived in love and in sexual purity!

This is something new for the church as it walks a very fine line of rejecting homosexual activity (which the church has always done) while accepting and embracing loving same sex relationships.

It is also something challenging for the gay community and a call for them to prayer and to true love from the heart.

One gay person read my blog the other day and to say that he didn’t like it would be to put it mildly!

The reaction is fiery and passionate to say the least and yesterday he did send me a message as he apologized for being ‘a tad rude’!!

Yet what he wrote is what many others would like to write but either be too polite or scared.

I noticed that there were two elements to his reply, the first being to question the origins of the message and the second to attack the message itself.

Inner locutions or messages from Jesus are a spiritual gift. It’s not about having an authority, it’s about having a gift just like the priest through his priesthood can consecrate a host or forgive sins. It doesn’t make him better than us but it does mean that he has a gift and so an authority to do some things that we can’t!

Similarly with inner locutions, it is a gift and a gift that comes with a price as you can see! The catechism speaks of such phenomena.

So you see Jesus does and always has used people such as me to ‘help live the gospel more fully in a certain period of history” and what better period than this period and in the area of sexuality?

As the catechism says, private revelations do not bring correction of what the church has already declared but they bring clarification and understanding and help people to live the church teachings more fully.

Of course people don’t have to believe that these messages are from Jesus and are free to think or believe that they come from my subconscious mind which I’m then projecting onto Jesus.

This theory is perhaps the most cunning because it accepts the messages and accepts that I’m not crazy (phew) while rejecting that they are from Jesus.

That way one can read them and be nice to me and basically ignore what they say!!

Jesus does not like this type of attitude as once again it’s a way of avoiding His call to prayer, to conversion and in this case helping the LGBTQ community.

The second dimension of the comment was on the message itself. Clearly this guy can’t stand the thought that Jesus would be calling gay people to sexual purity.

To many this seems like an abuse, an infringement on human freedom, discrimination, homophobia etc.

And yet it is what it is! Human freedom is not infringed at all and in fact the real infringement is actually not to give people the full picture and to teach them about the realities of prayer and of the spiritual realm and of the ways of God.

Whether gay or straight we are all sinners and we are all called by Jesus on a journey of prayer and holiness. This may sound unfair, Satan didn’t like much God’s ways either… we really wish to join him?

Anyway, it is what it is and any missionary must expect such reactions from people from time to time.

The secret is to forgive, to keep on going and to pray for these people who are obviously hurting and for whatever reason unable to accept the love of God and yet the simultaneous call to conversion.

“Jesus, bless us with the gift of humility to accept our sinfulness and in the light of your love and mercy to take up our crosses and to follow you by living lives of prayer and purity to the best of our abilities.

Draw us close to your heart. Give us a love and fervent desire for sacraments, especially the eucharist and reconciliation and let us be shining lights of holiness and wholeness to the whole world”

Have a great day!