Do not be afraid my child to write what I tell you.

Humanity is crying out for peace but there can be no peace where there is sin.

Sin is a deadly spiritual disease that spreads so quickly when not stopped.

It’s like a fast growing weed in a garden that chokes the life of the new flowers.

There is no remedy against sin except prayer and vigilance.

Just as a gardener needs to know the difference between a weed and a flower, so do each one of you need to know the difference between sins and virtues in your lives.

How can the gardener pluck out the harmful weeds if he can’t recognize them and similarly how can you look after the gardens of your souls if you don’t know what sin is!

I died my child to give my life to free you from sin and its effects and I call each and every one of you on this journey of holiness.

My priests are called to be my special helpers, there to guide souls to holiness while on the journey of holiness themselves.

Not to talk and teach about sin is a very grave mistake.

What teacher in school will not teach their subject correctly? What teacher will let each child make up their own mind on what’s right and wrong?

None I tell you and yet this is now what is happening in my church.

“It’s a sin for you but not for me”

“It’s only a sin if you think it’s a sin”

“God understands, it doesn’t matter”

Is this the type of absolution that pleases me? 

Did I not come to forgive sinners and to call sinners on the road of conversion rather than excuse sin and leave everyone be?

Why have you turned my church into a jungle of sin and why are you afraid to teach people about sin and encourage and implore them to make use of the sacraments of the church?

Why do you let so many receive me in communion without being in a state of grace?

“You must not judge, you must not judge” you will say to me but I Jesus will be your judge and there will be no excuse for such omissions especially from those souls especially called by me to bring humanity to me.

My priests, I call you to come back to me with all your hearts. Many of you have become agents of Satan without even knowing it!

Look to the lives of the saints, look to the conviction of the martyrs, read and learn about the warnings and guidance given to humanity by my mother all over the world and repent.

Today is Friday, the day of my passion. How many of you will sit with me at the foot of the cross offering me your love and your hearts for the conversion of the world?

How many of you will preach and teach with all your hearts about my love, my passion grows my desire to be known?

Pray, pray, pray. Pray until your hearts love prayer and detest sin.