Yesterday Jesus spoke to me with a broken heart thristing to be loved, listened to and consoled.

In reality the only thing that can or would really console him is the conversion of millions and millions of souls that he thirsts for and for the church to become a vibrant hub of prayer and holiness.

Of course our prayers console him a little and reduce his pain or at least make it more bearable but Jesus still suffers and will until the end of the world when every last soul that wants to be saved is saved.


(Vision with His hand outstretched with His bleeding heart on it while he cries.)

My child, this is how I love you all, to the point of giving my life, my heart for you.

Each one of you is more precious to me than one thousand lifetimes. I would die again and again and again if it meant saving just one more soul.

My love for you has no limits or boundaries. It is infinite unconditional love.

At every mass I make myself present and I give myself to you all, my very being.

And yet how few of you ponder on this mystery as you so often receive me with such little love and understanding.

O my children, I am not a harsh God but I am a just God and my justice demands reparation.

The souls of a few who continuously offer me sacrifices of love and reparation have held back my justice on the earth but now the time has come where even their reparation and prayer is not enough.

In love I have pleaded with humanity to repent and to avoid my justice but a deaf and stubborn generation have ignored me, trusting in a false understanding of my mercy.

My mercy my child offers full forgiveness of sins but does not and will never ignore and condone sin.

Satan, the master of lies and the author of sin has played so many of you like fools and instead of sheltering in my mercy you have dived even deeper into the bottomless pit of sin.

How foolish of any soul to ignore my calling and ignore the example given my the saints.

Even the darkest of souls has a spark of conscience given to you by God and on judgement day it is your very own consciences that will accuse you of sin!

The wise man listens to the voice of his conscience while on earth and brings his sin to my mercy. The foolish man ignores the voice of his conscience and loses himself even more.

Fewer and fewer are the wise on your earth nowadays while more plentiful and more loud are the wicked.

My little ones, those of you that know me and love me, draw closer and closer to my heart, console me in prayer and trust in my protection and love for you as your earth grows darker and darker.

It’s true that at times these messages sound harsh, even I have to read them a few times at times and I’m the one writing them.

Yet it always goes back to one thing, conversion and cooperation with God’s grace which is not easy.

Jesus loving us is the easy bit but responding to this love and changing our lives and ways as this love changes us is very challenging.

Sadly many out there and even many priests water down the message of Jesus and make it more acceptable but this is very dangerous. The correct response is never to change the challenging message of the gospel but it’s to provide more help and more support to live it through prayer and christian community.

And so today let’s not be discouraged by this challenging message but rather let’s love and help eachother through prayer, community and the sacraments to live the message of the gospel more radically and not to be afraid of being unpopular among those who choose the other road.

Bless your week,