Top of the morning to you from Salisbury where Rayne and I stayed last night after visiting Stonehenge yesterday on my birthday!

My birthday also falls on the feast of the exaltation of the cross and it’s also the anniversary of my conversion which happened 14 years ago. Since then I’ve spent many a very difficult birthday and at times in the pit of despair and yet I never lost hope on God’s mercy, that somehow one day I’d be happy.

As I reflect on the truly amazing day that I had yesterday all I can do is glorify God’s goodness and mercy towards me and say to anyone out there who may be struggling to trust!

Trust, trust, trust! Trust in Jesus. Trust blindly, trust ridiculously, trust to the point of fully!!

Yesterday we got up at 6am and went for a coffee, mine was free in account of the big day! From there we jumped on a bus, an underground and finally the train to Salisbury.

After the disastrous experience that was Bath we were not sure what to expect in Salisbury but let’s just say that we weren’t disappointed and last night I healed from my trauma from Bath by taking a bath!!!


The people of Salisbury are super friendly and the parish priest was exploding with the love of Jesus as he greeted us and welcomed us and when he found out that it was my birthday he even announced it off the altar!

The parishioners were warm and welcoming and nearly all wished a mortified me a happy birthday.

And it didn’t stop there! From the church to the hotel to the coffee shops and more, the people were just super kind and friendly. It really was amazing!

It really makes all the difference when we are surrounded by people and speaking of people I was amazed at the amount of messages I got from Ireland, France, Croatia, Australia and of course the U.K. and that’s just the living!! The angels and the saints spoilt me too but that’s another blog!

Stonehenge was an adventure too! Such an interesting place and yet the most amusing part is that to this day nobody really knows why exactly it was built!

Probably not for tourists like us to fool about but hey, there is no point in being too serious.

After all that excitement we needed a bit of exercise and off we went to the gym to burn off all those extra calories that we tend to accumulate when travelling.

And of course a few people very kindly gave me a few pounds too and as I live ok providence that was more than welcome and to anyone who’d like to give, it’s never too late!!! 🤣🤣🤣

So there you go! September 14th 2021, a day to remember and my last year in my thirties!!

All I can say is praise be to Jesus and Mary and to the power of prayer and good friends. And once again I say to anyone out there who may be struggling, trust!

Come back to Jesus with all your heart, come back to the church community and to a life of prayer and Jesus will transform your life too as he has mine!!

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special this year. I love you all and here is to many more birthdays and good times together!