Good morning! I’m back to London and am enjoying a free coffee after I gave the owner of the coffee shop a miraculous medal and told her about the blessings and graces attached to it.

Our Lady above all is a loving mother that is out for our good.

Yesterday was one of her feast days as we meditation on the seven sorrows of Our Lady and almost as importantly it was Toni’s birthday!

We celebrated at Nando’s and Our Lady placed her hand over it by making the entire meal free!!! She’s great!

She certainly has an amazing love for us and she has the same love for everyone reading too.

Yesterday she spoke to me about her motherly love and care. This is what she said:

“My children, how I love each one of you with the tenderness of a motherly heart given to me by the father.

As I see my children being seduced and devoured by sin I cry as I cried when I witnessed Jesus, my son being crucified before my very eyes.

As Jesus died he entrusted you to me, I really am your mother and after my ascension into heaven my motherly heart was infused by the trinity with an intimate love and knowledge of each and every one of you.

My love and knowledge goes far beyond any earthly love and knowledge because even an earthly human mother must learn a lot about her children over time. For example, when a child starts school its parents learn many things about its gift and talents, strengths and weaknesses.

As your heavenly mother I have been infused with knowledge of each one of you and know you all intimately.

I see your gifts and talents, strengths and weaknesses at a single glance and my motherly heart thirst to bring you to full life in God.

I do not know everything. I do not know what choices you will make or whether you will choose heaven or hell. Only God himself knows these things and while he chooses to reveal some of this information at specific times to me your mother, generally speaking I do not know and simply encourage you in love to choose the path for heaven.

My children,many of you do not know me through absolutely no fault of your own. You are like spiritual orphans wandering about the world without a mother to guide you and guard you from dangers.

Many of you have got lost, you have fallen into the traps of Satan and you need my help.

Turn to me as your mother full of trust in my love for you.

My heart is soft and gentle and my only desire is to bring you to life by bringing you to my son Jesus who can heal your hearts and lives.

Remember my children that I too lived every human trial and suffering and that is why I invite you to meditate on my life and on the life of Jesus through the rosary.

From the rosary you will draw supernatural strength, spiritual wisdom and direction for your lives.

I need you to open your hearts so that I can pour many graces into them and that is why i invite you to stop and to pray.

My little children, yes even those of you who don’t even believe that I exist, I know you, I see you, I love you.

I invite each one of you to turn to me with childlike trust and I will take you by the hand just like a child on their first day of school.

Let nothing discourage you from coming to me, your sins, your addictions, your pasts, your fears, your regrets ..there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can’t be healed, forgiven and wiped clean.

My son’s power is infinite and boundless and He will refuse me, his mother absolutely nothing.

Come, come my children to your heavenly 0mother and let me love you and help you on the journey of life until that day when we will be reunited at death.

What a beautiful message of love and encouragement from Our Lady. May we love her more and more each day and spread her love and graces to everyone who we meet!